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Anne’s Signature Travel Look

16 May

I’ve been traveling A LOT lately. Planes, trains, and automobiles. Every Friday, I’ve found myself throwing on the same outfit in preparation for my post-work, weekend adventures.

The Lilly Pulitzer Travel Pant (hello perfectly named) has been an absolute godsend. They transition beautifully from work to a long evening of travel. They’re made to look like nicer pants, but feel like leggings. I’ve gotten so many compliments on them I would wear them every day of the week if I didn’t think anybody would notice.


In my more casual office, I’ve been pairing with an old chambray popover, but this J Crew Linen Popover would also do the trick in a more casual environment.

Linen popover in stripe


More business casual, formal office? Tuck in this silk top instead.

As for shoes, I’ve been wearing my signature, beloved, and unfortunately discontinued Cece Flats, or Reva Flats (some styles currently ON SALE!).

Cece leather ballet flats


This outfit is seriously so comfortable, but does not sacrifice style or class. Especially in DC, you never know who you’re going to run into at the airport, on the metro, running through Union Station, or even as your seatmate.

Tomorrow, I’ll be changing up my go-to ever so slightly, as I’m leaving at 7am Saturday, instead of 7pm Friday, to a tropical locale (okay it’s not that tropical, it’s still in the lower 48), and I have BIG, LATE NIGHT PLANS for tonight. I’ll want to look good while being extra comfy and not worrying about wrinkles. So, I’ll be throwing on my travel pants with a couple changes…

Introducing my new favorite wardrobe staple: The Lilly Pulitzer Skipper Popover


UM. Hello perfection. If prints aren’t your thing (leave), they have a solid option as well. Again, I’ll still look like I didn’t roll out of bed, but I’ll be even more supremely comfy on my early AM jaunt south.

To complete this look, I’m going to wear the shoes I’ll be wearing for most of vacation: My  trusty ole’ Jack Rogers

Eep! I’m so excited to jet off tomorrow morning for a quick vacation.

What are your go to travel outfits? My officemates MAY be getting a little sick of my weekly repeat…


Love knows no limits

15 Nov

So, confession. I spend hundreds of dollars a month on Uber (since cutting back on the social schedule, this bill has also cut back, MUCH needed relief to my overprotective father’s wallet). Uber is my weakness, and the most stable, reliable relationship in my life currently. I can be in DuPont at 8am, or H Street at 3am, and still, always, without fail, Uber is there to whisk me away.

Not only is the whole process a serious breeze, especially in taxi-problem-ridden DC, you get to ROLL UP IN A BLACK CAR OR SUV. In a town where you never know who is on the other side of those tinted windows, you better believe I act important when I go LITERALLY anywhere in an Uber. (ugh, #ThisTown)

i have ARRIVED

Uber has gotten me out of some pretty sticky (literally) situations, hence the stability of our relationship. Allow me to outline the five best, or worst, moments of our relationship:

5.) The time I spilled a Hurricane on myself

After a particular rowdy night at Little Miss Whiskey’s, I thought it was a good idea to bring my unfinished Hurricane along for my journey home in my purse, the same purse that suffered a horrible fate a few weeks later. Obviously, I was wearing 4 inch wedges and ate shit on H street en route to my Uber, and obviously, the full Hurricane half in my purse half in my hand covered my whole body in a sticky slushy mess. Even still, my Uber driver accepted me with love and clorox wipes to rinse off.

4.) The time I hooked up in the back

Self-explanatory, I was very drunk (duh), and our “two stops” quickly turned to just one. (It was a VERY PG hookup, don’t go thinking I’m that kind of girl)

3.) The time I was stranded at National Harbor

I found myself at The Gaylord during CPAC (honestly, I don’t even know how I got there, but I was with a gaggle of Republicans, clearly I was fine), and then suddenly found myself at 4am VERY READY TO GO HOME, TO VERY NW DC. Uber? PICKED ME UP WITHIN 10 MINUTES, AND 87 DOLLARS LATER I WAS IN BED.

2.) The time I threw up in a $300 purse

I was on a long journey home from H street (I’m sensing a pattern here), it was 90 degrees outside, it was a jerky car ride, I had way too much vodka/gin/wine/fireball/beer etc, and it just happened. I vaguely remember being half asleep, as I often am, and as a fairly regular drunk vomit-er, I knew I had approximately 30 seconds before shit got real. I looked around for a bag, a water bottle, ANYTHING to avoid the $300+ cleaning charge for getting sick in an Uber. I was a girl scout, I knew how to be resourceful, so I used my $300 Tory Burch purse as a trash receptacle until the driver realized what was happening and pulled over. Bless his heart, he didn’t kick me out, and he even tried to help me clean up (I have some pride, I CLEARLY refused). Looking back, it would have PROBABLY made more sense to throw up in the car, as I’m now out my favorite purse.


TRAGIC HORRIBLE THE WORST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. I had a beautiful, perfect burrito from SR’s beloved Sol, and I was headed home from a long night on H street. Again, I was half asleep in the back seat when we pulled up to my house. I hopped out and headed into my kitchen, only to realize……I LEFT MY UNTOUCHED VIRGIN BURRITO IN THE BACKSEAT. I think I cried before curling up, truly alone, in my bed.

So you see, DC, nobody will ever replace my one true love, Uber. SOMEHOW, it’s honestly so unclear how, I was recently informed, my Uber rating is 4.7/5. THEY LOVE ME RIGHT BACK. Uber has been there for me so many times before, and I know they will be there for me again tonight, tomorrow morning, tomorrow night, Sunday morning, and beyond. If you haven’t tried them yet….. never read this blog again try it out, and let me know how it goes. Everybody has at least ONE good Uber story, my life just happens to be one hot mess after another.

PS: Missed connection moment: mystery Uber driver who was lucky enough to eat my burrito, please buy me a new one, it’s been months and I’m still not over it.