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Tasty Political Dramas

24 Feb

By Capitol Jill

*warning- GIF heavy*

So you’ve watched House of Cards by now, right?


Have you been living under a rock?

It’s alright, we all make mistakes.

For those of you who HAVE seen House of Cards, and are obsessed with it (like I am), I thought I would put together a list of my other favorite political TV shows, many of which are also available to binge watch on Netflix. If you loved HOC, give these guys a try!

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Let’s Celebrate My Favorite Celebrity Couple…

14 Feb

Happy Valentines Day!

(duh – House of Cards season 2 is out)

I’m a 23 year old female WASP in 2014, it goes without saying that I love love. I went into high school when The Notebook was peaking, and obviously had this lengthy quote  in my ~*MySpAcE*~ profile and thought I praaaaactically WASSSSSSSS Allie and my flavor of the week was Noah. (spoiler: I was not Allie. The 14 year old boy I sometimes kissed in the back of the movie theater was not Noah, womp womp). I went into college with “He’s Just Not That Into You” and quoted it at every opportunity I had, especially when it came to my bitties drunk texting bros.

21 Reasons Ryan Gosling And Rachel McAdams Need To Get Back Together

In the spirit of the holiday, I’m going to share with you my favorite couple of the moment. They make me want to be in love SO BADLY that it’s disgusting. If you follow SR on the twitters (you should, we’re hilarious, le duh), you know that at least one of us has a sick obsession with Chrissy Teigen, and that one of us is me. (woman crush wednesday all day err day over here clearly)

PDA players: Meanwhile, newlyweds Chrissy Teigen and John Legend could not keep their hands and lips off each other, despite playing on opposing teams

After I discovered Chrissy, I re-discovered her equally amazing husband (then boyfriend/fiancee), John Legend. I don’t need many words here, just all of the pictures and links to their twitters. You guys. They. will. rule. the. world. Look at this picture she posted after their super secret nuptials in September…

And the couple together:


Okay so not only are they both extremely attractive, the way they banter and joke and jdff;ldsj;laf OH MY GOD. They’re my new Noah and Allie. Chrissy gets so genuinely excited and giddy over John and his accomplishments that it could melt Regina George’s heart. I think I love them more than I love Bey and J, which is a lot.

John had a wedding album made for Chrissy for Christmas and again, I died. When rumors circulated a few weeks ago that Chrissy was pregnant, I was like, inappropriately excited. A tiny human that looks like both of them with his voice and her humor? FUTURE PRESIDENT. Also, Chrissy’s response to rumors when she was on E! News the next night? A snarky remark about all the tequila she just drank. God love her.

If you haven’t heard John’s song, “All of Me” here are a few things you need to do:

1) Watch his Grammy performance here. They spotlighted Chrissy in the background and it is perfect.

2) Listen to the Tiesto remix and add it to your pregame and elliptical playlists


Anyway. enough of my mouth yapping away at how creepily obsessed I am with 2 strangers, here is some eye candy. I hope you’re all feeling loved today, and if you’re not… I LOVE YOU FOR READING THIS! xoxo

Racy post: Chrissy Teigen, 28, posted a video of herself topless while being held by her 35-year-old husband John Legend on Instagram on Sunday

Opposing teams: Chrissy posted a picture of herself holding her musician husband's hand just before they faced off in the DirecTV Beach Bowl in New York on February 1

10 Couples You’ll Meet in DC

4 Oct

We’ve all seen ’em, some of them aren’t so politically correct to call out, but I know what you’re thinking…

1. The Power Couple


Aside from the original political power couple, Francis and Clare Underwood Bill and Hillary, we all know at least one DC couple where it’s all for show and gain, be it the Hill Staffer duo who met bragging about whose boss is more important, or the Lobbyist partners who look equally hot in pantsuits.

2. The Beautiful Couple


Having just been named one of the preppiest cities in the country, you would expect many a DC couple to be beautiful. Most #2s also double as #1, 3, 7, 8, 9, or 10. You generally find these couples brunching quietly and perfectly poised in a corner on Sunday next to your rowdy crew, or walking their perfect goldendoodle near the Georgetown waterfront. They’re flawless and you can’t tear your eyes away from them all the while wondering why you and your (imaginary) boyfriend can’t be so effortlessly perfect.

3. The Housewife


The campaign press assistant turned housewife who keeps a tighter leash on her shmoozey husband than she did on her candidate (or so she thinks…). You find her at weekday brunches, afternoon spin classes, $5,000 a pop fundraisers for Texas congressmen, and occasionally in her Range Rover in the Georgetown Day School’s pick up line (entirely dependent on the employment status of a nanny at any given time).

4. The Lopsided Couple


You see them on every outing and double, triple take. How did that less than plain Jane girl nab that beautiful, perfect, belongs in the Smithsonian, can’t take his hands or eyes off of her MAN?! And vice versa! You see them on the metro and simply can’t help but wonder, “who is his/her father?”.

5. The Hipsters


You find them on H Street, U Street, and AdMo. At least one of them is a political blogger, the other is trying to “find themselves”. You bop into their favorite joints with your friends and exclaim, “this place is so undiscovered and raw!”, they roll their eyes, because they found it 8 months ago. They wear flannel and sip hot coffee in the middle of July while they walk their scruffy dog down 18th street.

6. The Interns


They can’t keep their hands off each other on the Red Line. They have 3 short months together before they return to their insignificant college towns and even more insignificant others… and they’re gonna make it worth it.

7. The Runners


Self explanatory. You’re struggling to walk 3 blocks to the orange line after too much champagne and eggs benny at brunch, and you seem to remember them running past you at least six times already. No sweat, perfect Nike workout gear, carrying on a conversation as if they’re out for a leisurely stroll, in-shape pup pulling them along. Sometimes all you can do to escape their judging looks is hop in a cab and high tail it back to your bed.

8. The Future First Family


Some combination of #1 and #2. It is 2013, however, so perhaps the woman really is wearing the pants, and we’re catapulting towards our premier “First Man” (First Husband? we don’t even have a defined term for this, do we? Commence the WAR ON MEN!)

9. The Adorable Gays


Dupont. Just go to Dupont (the #gayborhood). And see hope for America.

10. The Arguers


You can cut the tension on your metro car with a knife. You feel it before you even spot them. Their biting words occupy your trip from Dupont to Chinatown, and from Chinatown to Union they sit in complete silence until she stands up and marches out before the doors are fully open. He rolls his eyes, sighs, and stalks along behind her.

Let me know if you stumble upon any of these gems! Vines, instagram videos, and good ole twitpics appreciated! @stoprequesteddc