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Humans of New York

5 Feb

This week I just wanted to give a special shout out to one of my favorite photographers out there. He is the creator of the fabulous blog, Humans of New York. If you haven’t seen his pictures, heard of his book, or liked him on facebook, DO SO IMMEDIATELY.

Brandon Stanton has a loyal following of over 2 million people who watch as he captures the lives of people in New York City through his pictures. He is able to bring out the most fascinating stories that speak to the hearts of people all over the world. It’s so inspiring to see such genuine characters in each of his pictures. He somehow connects us to each person he meets. What he does is truly a gift, and I just wanted to say thank you for spreading that to everyone around him.

Brandon, please don’t stop what you’re doing. It’s something we all can benefit from.



Teach Me How To Tinder

17 Jan

It’s no secret that Tinder is part of the postgrad in DC’s plan to #getlaid after a dry spell. Almost everybody I know has a fantastic Tinder tale to tell.

even mindy does it!

I’m not here to tell a Tinder tale today, no, but I am here to share a fantastic blog (again) called “How to Lose a Guy in One Tinder”. It’s as hilarious as it sounds.

The Many Stages Of Drunk Texting

My personal favorite (trust me, it’s hard to choose just one) is a line Em gives about wanting to date a Jets fan because her dad is a Pats fan and she “really likes conflict.” BSCB warning lights for 1,000 Alex?! Much like our favorite Goldie Hawn Kate Hudson movie, NOTHING detours these guys from [attempting to] going for the gold.

And it. is. hilarious. I may or may not have read nearly every page at work the other day….Happy Friday! Enjoy!


Jingle All The Way

19 Nov

Somehow, next week is Thanksgiving… I’m not sure how that happened, but I guess that explains why I’m starting to see, hear, and smell Christmas EVERYWHERE. It’s time to pull the onesie out of storage, replace my white wine supply with caramel baileys and hot cocoa, and give into the holiday season (i.e. begin hibernation).

So to get you (and mostly me) started and put you in the holiday mood, here’s a little treat from some underwear company, in case you haven’t seen it.

Meanwhile, I’ll be back here trying to convince some of my (soon to be ex) guy friends to remake that video…

(H/T @


The Proposal (aka Weddings part 1)

13 Nov

Two Disclaimers before you read this post:

1. This will not be my last post about weddings…

2. I am about to sound like a total wedding brat. Try not to judge too much!

jlb wedding

I. Love. Weddings.

I’m unhealthily obsessed with everything about them. It doesn’t matter if I know the couple or not, as soon as the Future Mrs. starts walking down the aisle, I get immediately teary-eyed and caught up in the entire ceremony (blame my emotional instability). Everything from the ring bearer/flower girl who only makes it halfway into the church before running in the opposite direction, to the open bar (duh), to the grandmother’s sparkly purple shoulder-padded dress jacket… It all makes for a perfect evening! I could write an entire book on my future wedding plans, but I’ll save that post for another time.

However, to me, it all starts with the proposal.

Given my recent breakup, I’ve been sliding between complete anxiety over future potential relationships, and ultimate relief that I’m not ready for that next step. But whenever I heard of yet another college friend who became engaged over the weekend, I slipped into proposal mode. Some of you may know what I mean. It’s when you spend 4 hours in one sitting going from youtube video to youtube video watching “The 10 best proposals ever” and pinteresting everything from your bridesmaid’s flowers to the type of font on your engagement announcements.

I’ve always had big expectations for my proposal. If my future hubby decides the most romantic way he can ask me to spend the rest our lives together is by sitting me down at a restaurant and bringing out a ring on top of a cheesecake, he’s got another thing coming. Obviously this isn’t the case for everyone. I believe the proposal should reflect the relationship. If you know the woman well enough to ask for her hand, you should also have a good idea on how she would want you to do it.

For me? I’m not opposed to any of the following (and you’re damn right it better be a surprise):



The use of animals in the proper (super cute, not weird) way

Military coming home proposals

Anything that involves creative friends and family

Even when it’s in Home Depot…

Or something that’s just plain different

When all else fails, just propose like 5 different times in all the aforementioned ways

No matter what, I find the most beautiful proposals come directly from the heart and reflect exactly what kind of relationship you share. What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic.

So whoever you are, Mr. Future En Route, as soon as you have that perfectly sized halo cut, conflict-free ring picked out, remember that’s only half the proposal battle in my eyes. But I’m sure that if you’re the right one for me, you already knew that.



PS. In all honesty, ladies… I know it’s not about the proposal – it’s about the man! And I’m sure I will dedicate a future blog post to the frivolity of weddings. But for today, let me relish in my fantasies.

Hooked on YouTube

11 Nov

By Capitol Jill

First off, lets all take a moment to remember that it is Veteran’s Day. Beyond being a day off, Veteran’s day is an important reminder to remember everyone who has served this country and made sacrifices for us. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the brave men and women who came before.  Thank you for your service, and God Bless America.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

After a crazy weekend at home, this post got put on the backburner. But what I want to share with you today is pretty personal, guys. A true view into my soul.

Thats right, I am going to show you my YouTube subscription feed. I hope we are ready to take this next step in our relationship. Am I moving too fast? Its ok, you can tell me if I am.

So without further ado, here are my top 5 YouTube subscriptions. I might have a bit of a problem.

1. Daily Grace  My ultimate favorite YouTuber, Grace Helbig, AKA Daily Grace. She posts 5 days a week, and each day has a theme. Random Mondays, Commenting on Comments Tuesday, Review Wednesdays, How to Thursday, and (my favorite) Sexy Friday!


This girl is amazing and hysterical and really inspirational, because she embraces her akward-ness. I honestly watch her most mornings when I am getting ready for work. Check her out.

2. Hannah Hart, of MyDrunkKitchen. I first found this girl with her laugh-out-loud funny webseries, My Drunk Kitchen. Where she gets drunk and cooks things! It truly is as good as it sounds. Check out Drunk Tacos, if you need any further proof. she makes puns and drinks wine!

Beyond MDK, Hannah has branched out into a bunch of different things. And she often does collaborations with DailyGrace and #3 on this list, Mamrie hart!

3. Mamri Hart, of You Deserve a Drink! Amazing member of the YouTube Holy Trinity (see above), she loves drinking and puns and fun costumes.

4. Hot Mess Moves. Two girls who fully capture the difficult lives of 20-something, single girls, in two short clips each week. Here at SR, we often relate to this a bit TOO much.

5. Zoella. AKA Zoella280390. A lot of people have never heard of this one, but shes actually very popular. This super cute British darling has the most soothing voice, and reviews every beauty product you could ever need. But even better than that, she has the BEST cast of friends and family, the British Gang. These guys make up most of the rest of my feed, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She got to interview One Direction, she has the most adorable British boyfriend (another youtuber I love, Alfie Deyes), and her best friends can keep me entertained for hours with vlogs of all kinds. Sweet as can be, you’d better check this cutie out NOW.


I have even more (as I said, I might have a problem), but for our first time, I’ll just let you in a bit.

Yes, that was meant to sound dirty.

Have a good week, friends! Now I’m off to recover.


Capitol Jill

#blogfrendz, or: I Found Our Soulmates

7 Nov

by Brownout Betty

Gonna get meta in this post guys. So, one thing that I love about blogging is that it puts me on the “giving” side of the Internet. By that I mean, a lot of us use blogs, Twitter, etc. to soak up  a sense of community and cameraderie – the idea that there are other people just like you thinking the same things, having the same problems, doing the same dumb shit. There is nothing that epitomizes this idea more than BuzzFeed, specifically this slideshow. You know the feeling: that vigorous head-nod where you’re like OMG THAT’S TOTALLY ME and then you post it on your friend’s Facebook walls and write “1,5,6,12,17” and then it’s really annoying for that friend because they have to keep bouncing back and forth between the slideshow and the goddamn Facebook post to see if they guessed right without even checking the numbers see which numbers correspond to which GIFs. Of course they did. But that was such a pain. Isn’t there an app for that yet?

I totally digress. The point is that the Internet is great for giving you that feeling that you’re not alone. I love blogging because I like to think that I, and the rest of the SR ladies, are helping to generate that feeling for others.

Ultimately though, it’s a two way street, and I still love “taking” as much as I love “giving.” That’s why I was so thrilled to find this blog, American Twenty Nothings, because they’re speaking to my soul. I love these girls so much that I don’t even mind that they gave me total writer’s block this evening by saying everything I was already thinking. I love their blog so much that I’m dedicating this whole post to it. Read the blog – I promise you won’t regret it.

Some might say: but Betty, as a new 20something blogger, aren’t these 20nothing people your competition?

Perhaps in the short run. But in the long run, we’re all here to help each other, and to use the written word to make people know that they have friends to help them through all the craziness. Even if those friends are anonymous bloggers.

Readers, Stop Requested is new and everything, but we all sincerely hope that by writing down our experiences, we’re giving you guys that sense of Internet-community – and making it just a little easier for you get through the day and your fabulous 20s.

Beauty and the Beat

2 Oct

By Belle

In case you haven’t noticed… this week has been rough! Between the government shutdown, the series finale of Breaking Bad, and Beiber’s ascent of the Great Wall of China on the backs of his Body Guards, it’s hard to believe the entire country hasn’t collapsed into utter chaos.

There’s just so much I’ve had to do to cope with all the insanity of the outside world!

Perfect the side bang on my new haircut, watch the entire first season of New Girl (because apparently I’ve been missing out), and spend roughly 2.81 hours in Verizon convincing any of the sales reps to get me the iPhone 5s now instead of the October 22nd backlogged date…

In light of all that has happened this week, I decided today’s blog is going to be short and fun. A youtube video that embodies my namesake, and could even make even John Boehner smile.

It has been around for quite sometime. And yet, I’m always shocked by how few people have ever watched it!

Ladies and Gentlemen… I present for your viewing pleasure…

Beauty and the Beat!

Barry, stop trying to make Syria happen

27 Sep

Like many twentysomething females in the District, I truly find current events just as enthralling as the ups and downs of Speidi’s relationship from 2008-2011.

(really, this is my favorite picture of all time)

BUT, for those of you that keep up with the Kardashians, but have no idea who OBL is; or alternatively, for those of you that know Damascus was not just a place where Jesus hung out, but can’t name a single one of Brangie’s children to save your life (although maybe you know where they were born!), or you’re somewhere in between…worlds collide in the following articles. Your knowledge of current events will SURELY impress your next OKC date (please don’t actually reference these articles on an OKC date…well, maybe do. I sure as shit would):

 #brohugs and kisses,

Anne Broleyn