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17 Jul

Since productivity in the workplace is rarely super high on our list of things to do on a Thursday, Anne and Belle decided to have an entire conversation using only Kardashian Gifs. Did it make sense? Not really… Was it totally worth the 4 hours spent doing it? Absolutely.

In reality, we could actually see all of those gifs playing out in one long, real life, Kardashian Konversation… and no one would be surprised.

Opening Question: Do you have any men you need found on the internet? 



keeping-up-with-the-jenners:</p><br />
<p>1/10 fav Kim kardashian quotes<br /><br />
No, Mason… THANK YOU, and the rest of your self-destructive and ever gif-worthy family for continuously providing the world with reasons to believe that if nothing else, at least you aren’t them.
Anne & Belle



How I Met Your… Aunt?

1 Apr

by Stacie Smack

WARNING: Massive spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the HIMYM Finale yet.

I’ve written about this before. I tend to be fairly vocal and open when it comes to my views on marriage, monogamy, and the fairy tale of “forever”. Well, here I am, at it again.

I (like a billion other people) was watching the HIMYM finale last night, and I couldn’t help but appreciate the (perhaps unintentional but most likely not) commentary on marriage.

Throughout the entire show, and boy was there a LOT of show, Robin and Ted’s relationship bounces around more than my weight in the last two years. They obviously love each other, have great chemistry, and enjoy each other’s company. BUT. And it’s a big but. They want different things. He wants kids, and a family. She hates kids, and wants nothing holding her back, while she travels the world. After 9 seasons, we get it guys. You want different things.

And so they each go about their lives, trying to accomplish what they want. Ted finally meets The Mother. They have kids. They live in the suburbs. They are in love. Robin finally becomes a world travelling anchor.

I just want to talk in circles about two things:

1) Robin and Barney get a divorce.

They had been fighting. They were both unhappy. And so she offers him an option. She offers him a clean freeway exit on Year Three.

This is a nod to my (and others’) theory of Marital contracts rather than eternal vows. I’m not saying they had a clean break. But after three years, they revisited their priorities, and these had changed. They should be able to get out if it doesn’t make sense to be together anymore. Why do three good years need to feel like a failure just because it wasn’t forever? Many things have expiration dates. Maybe relationships do too.

2) Robin and Ted end up together.

People seem to be OUTRAGED by this. They feel cheated. They wanted the fairy tale love that Tracy was supposed to bring to Ted.

I think people are too quick to draw conclusions. And yes this is a fictional show. But how many relationships follow a similar pattern? In particular, the one of finding love much later than what is expected. Doesn’t it make perfect sense that they should be together now?

He has his family and the suburbs and he had the fairy tale love which was sadly taken from him. She was able to spend over a decade flying all over the world without responsibilities for others. His kids are older and need less attention. If he could have stayed with his wife forever he would have, but that was not the case. He is alone again. She is slowing down. All of a sudden, they no longer want different things because they already experienced and lived through the things they wanted that kept them apart. Now, they just want each other.

I guess what I’m trying to get to is that we don’t give enough credit to our selfishness, our ever-changing desires, and our independence. Especially US. The generation that grew up being told that we can do whatever, whenever, however we want to because the world is our oyster and everything is accessible to us. How are we expected to know what we want in EVERY aspect of our lives by the time we are 28 which is apparently the universal “start freaking out about finding a partner” age.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to get married young. I’m not saying you shouldn’t want to find love. But I do wish we could take a step back and realize that we all have different priorities, and sometimes these conflict with settling down and having to start sharing a life – or sometimes your partner’s desires conflict with you wanting to settle down and share a life. Sometimes we love someone but the timing isn’t right. That doesn’t mean that it will never be right. And I’m not claiming these are soul mates either and that you should sit around and wait for the time to be right. If so, it never will be. But we need to slow our rolls and be less married to our expectations, because that’s not how life is. You do you, fight for what you want, and embrace that sometimes the ending you expected is not the ending that you’ll actually get.

So to all the HIMYM finale haters, think about it. Doesn’t it fit like the perfect puzzle piece?


Review: Courthouse Movie Theater

5 Mar

Movies have taken over my life this past week.

I’ve watched everything ranging from Oscar winners (The Kids Are All Right) to sex-ness (anything with Channing Tatum’s shirt ripped partially open) even to something directed by Madonna (W./E.)… My knee surgery has put me in the midst of cinema bliss – armed with my extra strength tylenol and vicodin, I have pretty much burned holes in my eye sockets while eating cookie dough and stretching out on my couch.

However, I did manage to venture out of my apartment at one point… if only to watch another movie… with my Mom over the weekend. And I believe this place deserves a round of applause.

The AMC Courthouse Movie Theater. (YES it’s in Virginia. It’s 2 stops away from Foggy Bottom. Is it really that far…?)

Literally the best movie theater I have ever been to. Ever.

First of all, there’s the size of the individual theaters. They’re just right! They have achieved the perfect balance of home viewing and cinema with roughly 40 chairs in each room. There are no “bad seats” where you feel like your neck is straining to get a good view. And the rows are spread out enough that you aren’t bumping elbows with someone to reach for the twizzlers to your right.

But let’s get to the real belle of the ball here… THE SEATS. They are, by far, the best movie theater seats in DC. Wonderfully leather, soft and relaxing… and they RECLINE! Just push a little button below your cup holder  and the chair begins to lean back as the legs begin to rise. For someone who has her leg in an immovable knee brace, this was simply heavenly. Also, you can bring your own blankets and pillows to achieve maximum movie perfection!

The range of movies may not be quite as large as some of the bigger movie theaters in DC, but it covers most of your blockbusters. And price-wise, it’s what I like to call movie theater-reasonable. I prefer the matinees because they’re a few bucks cheaper, and I can still indulge on my nightly weekend activities afterwards.

But seriously… it’s the seats. That’s what makes this place worth going back to. It’s like paying to snuggle… by yourself… while watching a movie… which you could do on your couch… for free… without pants.


Well, you get my drift.


Tasty Political Dramas

24 Feb

By Capitol Jill

*warning- GIF heavy*

So you’ve watched House of Cards by now, right?


Have you been living under a rock?

It’s alright, we all make mistakes.

For those of you who HAVE seen House of Cards, and are obsessed with it (like I am), I thought I would put together a list of my other favorite political TV shows, many of which are also available to binge watch on Netflix. If you loved HOC, give these guys a try!

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Let It Go! (again and again and again)

19 Feb

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Disney’s newest hit movie “Frozen” – if nothing else, you’ve heard the song “Let it Go”… aka Winter’s newest anthem.

My family was kind enough to go see Frozen the day before I came back home for Christmas, and honestly I haven’t seen a movie in theaters since. However, I utilized the $5 Movie Monday deal at a local theater when I went home for the long weekend, and finally had the chance to see what all the fuss was about.

I haven’t been able to get the song out of my head since.

Not that I’m complaining! It’s a brilliantly catchy tune, and Idina Menzel’s vocals are rockin’. I’ve heard that if you listen to a song that’s stuck on replay in your brain, it can help it go away. This is not, however, the case for “Let It Go”. So I figured, why suffer alone? I’ll just make sure that everyone reading this post gets a taste as well.

Maybe we can have a sing-a-long??

Frozen hasn’t been out for that long, but even so, plenty of awesome covers have already been done of Let It Go. So I’m happy to present to you my favorites.

The Original. (In case you’re a crazy person and have somehow avoided hearing this song by any number of friends and family).


Alex Boyé and the One Voice Children’s Choir. Oh. My. Gosh. You have not heard insane child-star-status vocals until you have heard Lexi Walker belt out this song. Just incredible! Girl can SANNNGGGG!


Let It Go/Let Her Go (Passenger) cover. Bro needs a new shirt, but I kinda like what he did to mashup these two songs!


Christina Bianco sings as Idina Menzel, Demi Lovato, Brittany Spears, Julie Andrews, Liza Minelli, and others, as she performs this song as famous female singers… and nails it.


I’m sure there are plenty more where that came from, but for now, I hope you all enjoy this song on repeat for the next 48-72 hours!

Happy Singing!


Must Watch – 2014

15 Jan

New Years Resolutions… blah blah blah… Yes. I have them. And it’s a pretty solid list. One that I intend to keep between me and my friends, because I wish to not embarrass myself if when I break it. Instead, today I decided to share with you another list that I have created. I present to you…

Belle’s Top 5 shows to start watching in 2014!

1. Dexter

I just started watching this show about 3 weeks ago, and I’m definitely hooked. I hope it’s not weird that I find a serial killer incredibly attractive… But if it is, it’ll be my little secret.


2. Battlestar Galactica

I have done zero research as to what Battlestar Galactica is actually about. But I love Star Wars… So that has to count for something right? I eavesdrop on my coworkers conversations all the time (a blog for another day) and a number of them are big fans. It’s on Netflix so I think I have to give it a shot!


3. The West Wing

The sheer fact that I live in DC and haven’t watched The West Wing seems to shock and appall many of my friends (and I think all of the other SR ladies). So I’m making it my American duty to watch Rob Lowe at some point this year – like that’s hard… amiright?


4. Mad Men

I find it absurd that I haven’t watched this show yet. From what I’ve heard… there’s scandal, gorgeous people, and incredible outfits… This is right up my alley.


5. Homeland

“*GASP* YOU HAVEN’T BEEN WATCHING HOMELAND?!” No. I haven’t. Relax… I’m gonna start this year!


So there you have it, readers. The top 5 shows that I MUST watch in 2014. Honestly, this list could go on and on (The Newsroom, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones)… but I already have a Netflix-binge problem, and I need to start limiting myself. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to add them in the comments below!

Happy Watching!


If Congress was Animal House

6 Dec

Imagine Congress as the fraternities at Faber College…

“I pledge allegiance, to the Frat…”

Dean Wormer is Harry Reid, and the brown nosing Omega President Greg Marmalard is Nancy Pelosi. You think “Double Secret Probation” is rough? Try going nuclear on the underdogs.

It’s quite obvious that Ted Cruz is Bluto, as his horrific performances give Delta a bad name, and John McCain is Otter, the disapproving elite who was almost the leader. But, when it comes down to it they’re #brothers working for the same cause.

NBD, just Bluto being destructive

“You can’t hold a whole fraternity responsible for the behavior of a few, sick twisted individuals” – John McCain Otter

John Boehner is Robert Hoover, the Delta president, often complacent, trying to please the Dean, while keeping up appearances, face time, and shenanigans with his #bros. He gets the support he needs where he needs it, and when he needs it.

Last but not least, I know he’s not in Congress but…. can we call Chris Christie Flounder? He’s the lovable (HA) “new” guy who gets along with everybody! 

We can all learn from Flounder!

113th Congress?

Who would you name as Deltas, Omegas, or other Faber characters? I’ll add the best submissions!

10 Ways Olivia Pope Would Have Avoided the Shutdown

11 Oct

As I sit here drinking $5 red wine from my “Olivia Pope Wine Glass”, waiting for my future self to grace my living room with her presence, I couldn’t help but wonder (many people on Twitter also wondered the same thing last week); WHAT WOULD OLIVIA POPE HAVE DONE TO AVOID THE SHUTDOWN?

Answer: all of the things, but the top 10 of those things are below:

SPOILER ALERT… if you’re not a real gladiator, stop reading and spend the next 24 hours getting on my level, then return to this list.


10. Been completely over dramatic and used the “Providence” code to have a top secret meeting in a Nuclear War bunker


9. Hooked up with Edison Davis  Harry Reid to distract him and let the White House do its job


8. Invited Cyrus Beene Denis McDonough over for a huge glass of red wine


7. Hauled house Rs into her office and dangled her knowledge of their sex scandals in their faces until they cracked


6. Killed an intern (it’s still slightly unclear why…)


5. Fitz and Quinn hacked to ensure neither it nor its subsidiaries went live


4. Called an ex-boyfriend who works at the NSA and discovered that Ted Cruz’s 21 hour standoff was actually pre-recorded over several months


3. Sent Harrison and Abby to Sonoma to drag dirt about the Dem caucus out of this guy


2. Kissed and/or slapped the President into submission


1. Gotten Mitt Romney elected via Defiance, Ohio, and one hell of a cover up.


I could honestly list a million more ways Olivia would have avoided the shutdown, but let’s hear yours. What do you think were Liv’s finest moments that would have avoided this absolute tragedy?


#brohugs and kisses,


A Small Ode to Greatness

25 Sep

I’m very aware that my not-so-wanna-be hipster self is going to come out in this article… but it needs to be said: I loved Joss Whedon before he was cool.

Just recently as I was perusing through my soon to be very outdated stack of piled up magazines (Thank you United Airways miles), I saw my directing hero, Joss Whedon, gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly. And all I can say is – It’s about time.

Long before The Avengers became a huge box office hit, this brilliant man gave us the one, the only, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy has been my favorite television show since I was in 5th grade. I can still remember the weird looks I got when I would tell my friends that it was my show of choice – instead of their versions of early 2000 classics such as The OC or The Real World. But Buffy never got the recognition it deserved. When I was in high school, you’d be hard pressed to find any article referencing this cult hit, let alone find it as a top choice on Netflix. So why is Buffy all of a sudden getting this (well deserved) attention? Most likely due to our society’s new found infatuation with clever, fast-talking superheroes (i.e. Iron Man)… of which Buffy is one of the first.

I first discovered this series when my cousin was visiting from out of town. We were both in middle school, pre- cell phones/iPads age, meaning we actually talked. And she told me all about this show her family had started watching about a cheerleader who killed vampires.

Woah. Stop right there. I hate scary things. I literally haven’t watched a horror movie since I was at a 4th grade sleepover. So as soon as she said the words “vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness”, I pretty much checked out. Nevertheless, my cousin knows me too well. She got me hooked with three words: Buffy the Musical.

Before I knew it, I was quoting lines from the Scooby Gang like it was my job. I worked buffyisms into casual conversation, and naturally thought myself quite clever.

32 Ways You Relate To Xander On "Buffy"

I covered my walls with cut-up calendar pictures of the cast and spent hours looking at Buffy fan sites – I even made a name for myself on the imdb chat board. Yes. I was that nerd. Of course, I truly believed that David Boreanaz was the hottest man on earth (Wait… I still do).

And to this day, I can sing every word to “Once More With Feeling”. Buffy embedded itself into my young adult life, opening me up to an entirely different type of television. Its wildly innovative plot lines combined with the undeniable chemistry between characters made the show a staple part of my growing up. Not only was it engaging enough to relate to viewers that span generations, it was so complex that to fully grasp it, you literally had to do your research. I learned to appreciate television in an entirely different way. And this was all thanks to Joss.

10 years after the series finale, Whedon finally finds himself on top. I wrote this article in honor of his new TV show “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” which premiered last night. Although I will never deny the achievements of his latest hits, let’s take a moment to commemorate one of the most influential comedy/dramas that our generation will ever see, and the creator that envisioned it all. There are literally thousands of papers and articles written on the complexity of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They speak volumes of the effort that went into putting this masterpiece (yes, that’s what I called it) together. And in case it wasn’t obvious… I think it would be a shame for anyone to not give the Chosen One, or at least Joss Whedon, the chance to prove it.

Cheers to you, Joss.