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2 Apr

There are a few things I love in life. Some of those things are New Orleans, Chrissy Teigen, wine, and cooking. All 4 of those loves came together beautifully on Saturday when I stumbled upon Chrissy tweeting about wanting to do a #DrunkDinnerParty, where a bunch of psychopaths who are weirdly obsessed with her (read: me) all cook the same meal and tweet about it.

Um, count me in!

I was even MORE excited when the meal Chrissy chose was Jambalaya. HI NOLA! Plus, I had been dying to make jambalaya with the kale and sun dried tomato chicken sausage taking up space in my freezer. Sunday was rainy and lazy, perfect for cooking some warm comfort food. I ventured to the new Trader Joe’s on 14th street first thing Sunday morning (Recommend! I generally shop at Whole Foods, and I was able to find most of what I needed, plus a few extras, for so much cheaper!) for Emeril’s Jambalaya ingredients.

I constantly checked #DrunkDinnerParty and Chrissy’s twitter for updates. A few of my favorite tweets from the day/evening:

There were definitely more, but those are the ones I was sober enough to take screen shots of for the purpose of this post (seriously I got white girl wasted SOLOOOO). Chrissy was planning on starting around 7:30, but I was sleepy, and had a ton to do after dinner, so I decided to get a head start. I opened a bottle of wine and got to work….






Before I knew it, I had finished almost a whole bottle of wine, and SR was a twitter celeb! I was also sweating profusely due to red wine chugging, cooking, and hot sauce in my eyeballs (#oops) (#singlebecause).

Displaying photo3.jpg

Displaying photo5.jpg

I definitely changed some aspects of the recipe. For example, I skipped the andouille sausage and subbed in my kale sun dried tomato chicken sausage, chicken instead of shrimp, used quinoa instead of rice, added okra, and added some unsalted crushed tomatoes in addition to fresh. The finished product:

Displaying photo6.jpg

Had I used a bigger pan (my Le Creuset perhaps), I would have definitely made it a little “soupier”. Overall, it was pretty delicious!! Next time I’ll also leave out most of the thyme from Emeril’s “Bayou Blast”, it was way too overpowering, and I definitely tried to hide it with more hot sauce #ThisGirlWasOnFire.

I hope Chrissy does this again! At first I thought it was super delusional and what the fuck I was spending my Sunday night cooking a meal via twitter with other people equally obsessed with Chrissy as I? Still feeling a little delusional about it but HEY, I got an awesome meal, I got red wine drunk on Sunday, a bunch of twitter followers, and Chrissy Teigen retweeted me so basically, 2014 made.

I’ll be back to broing out next week.






26 Feb


Just as we thought spring may be popping it’s beautiful face into DC, we are back to the winter wonderland… Fortunately(?) I’m cooped up in my apartment this week due to surgery on my knee… thank you, birthday party. My mama decided to visit and is literally making me all of the foods. Therefore, I’m going to introduce you to one of the most glorious soup recipes you will ever encounter in your life.

Taco. Soup.

You’ve probably had some form of it before – but my mom’s recipe is the best. Sorry I’m not sorry. She makes this soup each winter, and each time I eat it, my tastebuds sing a Josh Groban anthem (this is not unlike my Burrito experience). Because I love you (and Josh) so much, I want to share with you this delicacy. It’s a great food to bring to work to piss off all your co-workers (because it smells so friggin awesome), it’s perfect for parties, and best of all – it’s super simple.


You require:

Your favorite trusty crock pot
1 pound of ground beef
1 package (1.25 ounce) taco seasoning mix
1 onion, chopped
1 can (16 ounce) chili beans with liquid
1 can (15 ounce) pinto beans with liquid
1 can (15 ounce) kidney beans with liquid
1 can (15 ounce) whole kernel corn with liquid
1 can (8 ounce) tomato sauce
2 cups of water
2 cans (14.5 ounce) peeled and diced tomatoes
1 can (4 ounce) diced green chili peppers
1 package (1.5 ounce) ranch dressing mix
Franks hot sauce, optional (but is it really? I recommend a lot…)

In a skillet, cook the ground beef until browned over medium heat. Drain. Add taco seasoning. Place the ground beef, onion, chili beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, corn, tomato sauce, water, diced tomatoes, green chili peppers, and ranch dressing in a slow cooker. Add a few shakes of Frank’s hot sauce. Mix to blend and cook on a low setting for 8 hours.

Serve with tortilla chips, a dollop of sour cream, and shredded cheese for good measure!

Does that sound like a trip to Taco Heaven or what? I will be devouring more than a few bowls this week as I watch West Wing and update my iTunes. At least there’s some benefit to a dislocated patella!

Happy Eating!


The Treat Yo Self Guide to Cooking on a Budget

13 Feb

One of my 2014 goals has been to cook more, in order to eat healthier, practice the skill of making edible food for the human beings who may someday depend on me for it, and – of course – save money. On that last one, I’ve found that the trick may actually be somewhat counterintuitive. Rather than forcing yourself into annoying and unnecessary austerity measures, you can save surprising amounts of money by actually being a little bit more extravagant when it comes to grocery shopping and cooking. 

In other words, TREAT YO SELF!

Allow me to explain how this can work.

1. Buy a lot of shit, part 1: I always feel like I’m outsmarting the system when I see something that’s $2 for 5, or something and I don’t fall for the deal. I’m like, “whatever I’m never going to eat two hunks of cheese so I’m actually saving myself $2.50 instead of 30 cents. TAKE THAT, MARKETING PLOY!” But in reality, falling for those deals and filling up your grocery cart with a bit more can definitely save you money if you are smart about freezing things. Bread products are especially great with this, I find – I’ll buy a big thing of mini-bagels from Whole Foods, freeze them, and roll them out 3 or 5 at a time so that I can eat one for breakfast several days in a row. 

This is essentially just buying in bulk. Obviously it’s a thing. But the reason it’s especially good for young people who are tempted to eat out all the time is because I think it can get exhausting “trying” to finish all your groceries before they go bad. You feel like you’re racing against the mold clock and you experience a backlash and you eat out 4 days in a row. Freezing some of what you buy can take off that pressure.

2. Buy a lot of shit, part 2: The other obstacle to regular cooking – and therefore, enticement to eat out – is not having things on hand when you make a last-minute decision to make dinner. So the smart – yet counterintuitive – thing to do is to buy extra food that you don’t plan on cooking that week, because that rushed grocery trip always fucks up the schedule and it becomes easier just to order in. Even though I can be super cheap at the grocery store, I’m trying to make it a habit to throw down a few extra dollars for a 2nd box of pasta or quinoa just so that I have it as a backup. 

3. It’s okay to be a lazy ass! No one expects you to reinvent the wheel. Sure, it’s better to whip up everything from scratch, but it’s probably better to milk your own cows too and that sure as hell isn’t happening. Don’t feel like you aren’t allowed to buy frozen food, mixes, pre-seasoned items, etc. It’s okay! You’re still saving money, and keeping yourself sane, too.

4.Wine on and shine on. No really! If the food didn’t come out well, or you just kind of wish you were at Chipotle, or you’re sad to be eating alone, or whatever, pouring a glass of wine can help you  feel like you’re not just eating the evening/weekend version of a sad desk lunch.

5. Treat yourself to a good time! This may be the most important (or at least it feels kinda deep and important): treat cooking as a fun activity rather than a chore! I’ve come to enjoy it, scheduling it into my day day as a way to decompress. It’s also, frankly, a more constructive way to kill time than watching TV. If you enjoy cooking – even if you’re not great at it – you’ll start to look forward to eating at home, rather than seeing it as some sort of New Years’ resolution-imposed punishment. 

Happy cooking!

Taco Dip for a Crowd

3 Feb

By Capitol Jill

Happy Super Bowl Hangover, everyone!

Today I thought I would share with you one of my favorite recipes for party food, if you can even call it a recipe!

I cannot take credit for coming up with this myself, but I honestly can’t trace its source either. A quick Google search brings up dozens of examples. I saw a recipe similar to this on the back of a taco seasoning packet once, and I had a friend in high school that made a similar dish. Some people call this “7 layer dip” and use, you guessed it, seven distinct layers. However, I’ve adapted it over the years and I honestly make it different each time. Keep in mind I don’t really measure, I just go by feeling.

You can also make this semi-healthy by using swaps like Greek yogurt for the sour cream, light cream cheese, and light cheese. Seasoned ground beef is also good on top, as would be some avocado!

Jill’s Taco Dip



1 Packet of taco seasoning mix (spicy, mild, whatever floats your boat)

1 18oz container sour cream

1 package of cream cheese



Black Beans

Lettuce (something crunchy, like iceberg)


Cheddar cheese

Green onions

Green chilies (canned is easiest)

Red onions


To make this dip, all you do is mix together the taco seasoning, cream cheese and sour cream until its well combined. This goes in the bottom layer of your dish. On top, I like to spread my salsa out in a nice even layer as well, for even spiciness. On top of this, layer the toppings as you would like! I recommend beans and heavier items, like tomatoes, on the bottom, and lettuce and cheese being the last additions.

I serve this with tortilla chips, but you could also use vegetables or even eat it with a spoon. I wouldn’t judge you.

I took this dip to Belle’s Super Bowl party, and I think it was a hit! And it honestly couldn’t be easier.

If you try it out, tweet us a picture of your creation @stoprequesteddc.

Happy munching!


Capitol Jill

To bake, or not to bake?

27 Jan

by Capitol Jill

Inspired by Betty’s opus on gender politics in the office, I thought of another example of the gender issues and office relationships, something that comes up in my office at least once a month, and which I have had several conversations about.


Or really, is it OK to bake for your colleagues?

This might seem like a really easy question on the surface. No one is going to say that baking for others is a bad thing, certainly. But does it play into the idea that women are better at cooking? That women should be responsible for making cakes and brownies for birthdays, while men are not expected to help at all? Will I be looked down upon if I bring in a cake? Will I blow my shot at the corner office if I make muffins?

These are real concerns.

Personally, I love baking for my friends, because I like to make other people happy, and I enjoy baking. The benefit of taking these things to work is to make your coworkers happy, and also to get the treats out of your house before you eat them all yourself at 2 AM in your pajamas…

Just me?

I had a conversation with one of my female coworkers about a year ago on this topic. Shes excellent at networking and work-related advice, so I really took what she said to heart. I asked her about the idea that baking, or in general being womanly or mothering, will ruin your chances at the “corner office”. (Theres a book about this, Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office. Can’t say I’ve read it, but we’ve all heard about it, right?)

Her question to me was, “what do you get out of it? If it doesn’t benefit you, but could possibly hurt, then whats the point?” Initially this struck me as very self-serving, but I kind of understand what she means. Bringing in sweets that I’ve made just reinforces some gender stereotypes, which I have since seen played out in my office over and over again.

Our office celebrate birthdays, and usually one of the women (often on the all-female admin staff, but that’s another story) bring in goods they have made for the birthday person and everyone to enjoy. Its almost expected — i think that most people in the office have never even helped to plan one of these parties, and certainly not the men. They just assume that someone will bake something, and I honestly can think of only one instance in which a man baked something.

*On a side note, I do find it SUPER SEXY when a man can cook. just sayin’*

Will I get looked down on as a woman, as someone who should work in admin,  and not handle meaningful legislation?

It might be subtle, but I do see that the women who routinely bake get pigeonholed into certain roles and therefore certain careers. I don’t want that.
So I don’t bake for my office. Ever. Is this the right way to handle the situation? I’m honestly not sure, but in a male-dominated field, I can’t concede any territory.

But I do miss baking.

How about you, friends? Do you bake for coworkers? Am I reading way too much into this? Let me know in the comments!


Capitol Jill

New Year, New Blog

10 Jan

I’ve had a long time blog crush on Carly over at The College Prepster, and another favorite is one of her besties, Mackenzie (p.s. Mackenzie’s online boutique, Design Darling, is TO DIE, I’ve been trying to justify monogrammed acrylic trays in every color for every season but hey, DC paycheck).

Both Mackenzie and Carly have offered me serious inspiration over the years. College, transitioning to “The Real World”, working, moving to a new city, clothes, boys, owning a puppy, and everything in between. So, although Carly and Mackenzie will ALWAYS have my heart on those topics, I made some New Years Resolutions, and thus begins, my newest life inspiration:

Meet Catherine of “Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth”


OH. MY. GOD. Oh my god. omigod. I am OBSESSED with this blog.

Belle and I have been determined to kick the DC 15 and get healthier in general. I’ve always been good about including plenty of fruits and veggies in my diet, but as of late I’ve been really failing. Ugh. So anyway. I was conducting research about cleanses and/or clean eating and stumbled upon RFFMBT.

Seriously? Catherine is amazing. SO inspirational and incredibly realistic. Do you want to know when I discovered Catherine’s blog? Last Saturday. Do you know the last time I ate anything processed aside from cottage cheese/greek yogurt/almond milk/a small portion of mozzarella cheese last night? Last Friday. Do you know how I feel?


absofreakinglutely incredible.

I’ve been eating perfectly proportioned egg whites, quinoa, veggies, fruits, steel cut oats, and they are DELICIOUS. Best of all? I feel FULL. I’ve tried out a bunch of her recipes, and invented a few of my own. I’m putting chia in pretty much everything.

for real this is probably growing in my stomach

I’ve had a HORRIFIC week at work that’s included nearly 12 hour days, working last weekend, and just not a fantastic situation and you know what? I’ve handled it so. well. I have plenty of energy, I’m not distracted, I haven’t been getting the post-lunch drag, and I’m still working out in the mornings and coming home EXCITED to cook myself a healthy meal. Leaving my problems behind at work (or in my laptop when I finally shut it) has never been easier.

I’m telling you guys, this is not just a resolution. I’m making a #change (says every resolutionist on January 10th), and it’s all thanks to Catherine. We’ve all seen the commercials and read the blogs of “miraculous” diets, but Catherine’s story is just so REAL. Stay tuned for progress and updates, I’m truly feeling so wonderful that I can’t imagine going back to eating Chipotle twice a week and dining out with my co-workers every day. I encourage you all to go visit Catherine for some inspiration, be it health related or just in life, she seems like an absolute doll.

In other news, hi it’s a new year and I’m ever so thankful for my amazing friends and I’m trying to do a better job of showing it this year. Belle is a real sweetheart and is hosting all of us for dinner on Saturday. Now, Belle has a couple favorite foods, and Catherine happens to have a great recipe for one of them. I made it tonight and I can’t WAIT to give it to her!!

Anybody have good resolutions that they’re hoping to finally stick to this year? Any other great “clean” lifestyle blogs to share with me?



A Little Appreciation For Cheese

27 Nov

Happy Almost Thanksgiving, dearest Readers! We all have so much to be thankful for during this time of year. Our family, friends, lovers, jobs, freedom, John Stamos, Netflix, wine, iPhones, google maps, leather boots, etc… and roughly in that order. I could go on and on about any number of people or events in my life that I have to be thankful for. However, there is something that I feel goes unnoticed – something we take for granted that maybe you never considered thanking.


Cheese is God’s gift to humanity. One of the 7 great wonders of this universe. (I’ll cover the other 6 another time.)

I legitimately eat cheese every single day. Sometimes with other food, like on a sandwich or melted on top of broccoli. Other times, I just reach into my fridge, pull out some brie, and have at it. For me, cheese is its own food group. Just last night I was eating homemade mac n’ cheese, topped with shredded cheese, with a cheese quesadilla on the side. (Think I’m joking? Then you clearly don’t understand my love of formaggio.)

I don’t discriminate between cheeses either. Mozzerella, Colby Jack, Cheddar, Swiss, Brie, Gouda, Feta, Parmigiano, Asiago, Romano, Provolone, Bleu, Monteray, American, and so so so so so many more…

It is my source of all dietary happiness. And I know that I am not alone. Ask anyone on the street what they would give up instead of cheese… Answers will vary between chocolate to their left arm.

When I am hungry, I eat cheese.
When I am sad, I eat cheese.
When I am hangry, I eat cheese.
When I am bored, I eat cheese.
When I am drunk, I eat cheese.
When I am hungover, I eat cheese.
When I am driving, I eat cheese.
When I am walking, I eat cheese.
When I am watching TV, I eat cheese.
When I am getting dressed, I eat cheese.
When I am working out (ha), I eat cheese.
When I am any type of emotion, I eat cheese.
When I am sick, I eat cheese.
When I am facebook creeping, I eat cheese.
When I am sitting in meetings, I eat cheese.
When I am blogging, I eat cheese.

All of humanity’s favorite dishes contain this blessed food. And if they don’t, then odds are, you can add it. And it’ll taste even more extraordinary.

As usual, Buzzfeed sums it up better than I ever could.

So on this Holiday, when we celebrate everything that has been good to us this year… Let’s not forget about those little bits of heaven that greet our taste-buds with glorious fireworks of joy and make life just a little bit happier.

Thank you, Cheese. I love you.

Forever Yours,


The DC 15

23 Oct

The Freshman 15. Some of us were fortunate enough to escape it during our initial year of collegiate glory, while others wound up wearing sweatpants and t-shirts all year round for a reason. Others weren’t plagued by this problem until the upperclassmen years. Senior projects and mid-term exams that were a bit more difficult than Freshman Speech class and led to serious stress eating.


Then there are those of us who didn’t find the Freshman 15 until a few years after that… in Washington DC. That would be me. For the past several months, I’ve been trying to figure out why my clothes have mysteriously been getting smaller and smaller… I have 12 pairs of jeans in my closet, but rotate between the only 3 pairs that still comfortably button. Now that it’s fall, I can’t hide behind flowy sundresses and elastic waistline skirts for work and happy hours.

Although initially I couldn’t figure out what was happening, I began to notice some habits that I picked up since moving here… Retrospectively, I’ve also figured out a few ways to get myself back to normal. I’m a little late for bikini season, but maybe I can pull off a sexy looking sweater.



4. I’m writing this as my stomach is full of tostitos and cookie dough. There has been more than one occasion where I have called this a “standard well-rounded dinner”. It goes without saying that maybe I should swap some microwave chicken nuggets with 4 layers of ketchup for green beans or a salad.

3. Drunk eating. I really need to stop binge-eating after going out. If I have a bag of shredded cheese in my fridge and I come home late Friday night… I will find it… and I will devour every last bit of it. Maybe there’s some type of Pavlov’s dog experiment I can try to get myself out of this delicious habit…

you ate the whole wheel of cheese gif

2. Bottomless (food and drink) Brunch… need I say more?

1. Corporate America. I sit on my butt every single day for at least 5 or 6 hours staring at a computer. Before I had this “desk job”, I would be out with friends, babysitting crazy 2 year old twins, yard work, etc… But real world life isn’t giving me those opportunities anymore. So now I have to figure out if I’d rather have a steady paycheck or a nicer butt… #firstworldprobs


4. I’m a major proponent of Capital Bike Share. Not only do I save a ton of money from the metro, I also save time! I can actually bike places on weekends faster than waiting 18 minutes for the next orange line. Unfortunately, the cooler the weather gets, the less likely I am to ride my bike to work. But I also need to remind myself that DC isn’t Wisconsin. It may get chilly, but for now, riding a bike is totally doable.

3. I decided to join a gym. Paying $50 a month is motivation for me to get there 2 or 3 times a week for a class (personal favorites: Boxing and Body Pump). Unfortunately, I’m quite accident prone and managed to whack myself in the left eye while using an elastic resistance band… maybe I need a hot personal trainer?

2. Dieting is not my thing. I enjoy food way too much. Besides, we all claim we’re going to start dieting, but we usually say this with an extra large sub sticking halfway down our throats. So, yeah… let’s forget about #2.

1. Stop resorting to drinking only beer when out at a bar. Yes – it is the cheaper option. But we’re all yopros… and we should be able to afford a Gin and Ginger or an extra dirty martini every once in a while to offset the beer-calories.


So what do you think, readers? Any healthy advice for a girl like me?



My Burrito Ballad

16 Oct

I have a bone to pick with DCIst… And by bone – I mean burrito. Although I typically enjoy and relate to much of what they post, I have to draw the line at this specific tortilla-filled blog that was pointed out to me last week. Check it out. After reading the entire article and not seeing my favorite burrito restaurant as one of the Top 10 Burrito places to eat in DC, I began to feel incredibly Hangry.

“Is D.C. a burrito town? That’s debatable. Like bagels, there isn’t one must-have burrito that comes to mind when one closes their eyes and thinks “burrito.”

Ummm excuse me? Stop Requested. There IS in fact a place that comes to mind when I close my eyes and think of burritos: Mexican Sol. This little hole-in-the-wall joint located on H Street is exactly what my 3am self needs on a fairly regular basis. I rarely see more than 4 people in line for their food… but granted that may be due to the fact that most sane people are asleep by the time I’m getting my dinner. Point is: It has not yet been fully discovered by the greater public. This place is Gold.

Although I live on the other side of the city, frequenting H street is still more or less a standard on any random Saturday night – particularly due to the fact that I have a number of friends that I can crash with nearby. But I choose H Street for more than just that. I choose it because at the end of my night, I know where I’ll be: Passed out halfway down Capital Jill’s hallway with my stomach happily full of brown rice, salsa, black beans, and various unknown spices… courtesy of Mexican Sol.

Each time I walk into this little establishment, I’m greeted by the warm smell of everything that is right with this world: also known as a sweetly scented mixture of chicken and avocado. Welcome to my burrito sanctuary. The floor is dirty, the tables may or may not have been wiped down in the past 72 hours, and there’s definitely no reason to enter the bathroom. You came for burritos. And gosh darnit, you’re gonna get a freaking masterpiece.

After you’ve had roughly 3 shots of SocoLime, 2 Yuenglings, and a drink or two from that interesting “investment banker from Norway” (right…), eating anything with flavor sounds like a good idea. But I promise you that after watching that tortilla grill, you will literally drool a little bit as the chef heaps (yes – I said HEAPS) monstrous piles of cheese, guacamole, and pico de gallo onto your prized possession, and you will no longer be craving some lame McChicken from down the road.

The DCist lays claim to places like the Tex Mex Burrito which describes itself as “pretty straight forward”… Thank you – That’s very enticing. Maybe you’d like to be surrounded by your favorite politicians at Tortilla Coast… Stacey is a fan of the Chipotle Quesarito – which I can appreciate. However, I refuse to compare a chain restaurant to this rare beauty. Most of the places listed on the DCist article are not meant for  people who are trying to appease their late night hunger struggle-bus while avoiding anymore condescending stares from the outside world.

In the absurdly high number of times that I have been there, I have not yet been judged for my unrelenting insistence on ordering in a British accent, or my tendency to exaggerate just how much guacamole should be applied to my meal. No one looks at me oddly whenever I exclaim: “BEST BURRITO EVER” for the 3rd time in 7 minutes… because everyone around me is too busy eating – and agreeing. The best way to describe how I feel about this burrito is by quoting The Ode to You, Sweet, Sweet Burrito by Buzz Feed. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I’m not saying Mexican Sol is the classiest joint you will come across while partying it up down the road from Little Miss Whiskey’s. But it has easily grilled its way into the hearts of many of my friends. When spirits are high and low, when you’ve finally realized that ordering a water instead of another Vodka Soda is a solid idea, and your feet have finally given up on the fact that you wore heels instead of boots… find yourself in front of H Street’s best kept burrito secret. You won’t be disappointed. And next time, maybe DCist won’t neglect to leave Mexican Sol off their list.

Happy Munching!

And in return, you will stuff my stomach.

The TwentySomething’s Supermarket List (or Why your Fridge is Empty)

8 Oct

by Stacie Smack

I remember when I moved into my first real apartment after graduation. I was certain that I would finally be able to discover my amazing cooking skills. I had pots, and pans, and spices, and a broiler. Now I realize that Carrie had it right… it seems that ovens are best used for shoes and occasionally baking cookies. Since then, I have managed to perfect my shopping list to all the essentials that support or supplement my [responsible and healthy] lifestyle. This List should only be used at Whole Foods, though you may be able to achieve similar levels of success and satisfaction at a Farmer’s Market.

1. Hummus

It requires zero preparation required, plus you manage to convince yourself that you’ll eat it with baby carrots or celery or something so it will a super healthy meal.

2. Pita Chips

Because you also know that when I actually want the hummus, you won’t want to eat it with carrots.

3. Apples

You’re out of sick days at work, so your new health maintenance strategy relies fully on believing that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

4. Chicken Noodle Soup

For when you DO get sick and need something to chase the NyQuil with.

5. Kale

It’s ubiquity does not need further explanation. You can figure out how to cook it later. The important part is having it in your fridge.

6. Wine

Their Three Wishes brand is $3 and you get a discount if you buy a case. It’s the Three Buck Chuck of today’s Yuppies.

Animated gif from Will and Grace of Karen dancing with a box of wine in each hand

7. Ice Cream

The P Street Whole Foods sells Dolcezza Salted Caramel Gelato for $8 a pint. You are welcome.

8. Frozen Burritos

For when a late night Burrito from Sol at 3am is simply not enough after 4 slushies at Little Miss Whiskey’s.

9. Easy Mac

It’s the organic four cheese version with truffle oil, obvi. But it comes in a microwavable container and requires the use of zero pots and pans.

10. Canned Black Beans

Remember the time you bought dry black beans? And realized that you need to let them soak for longer than 10 minutes (which is the extent of your attention span)? That kind of commitment gives you the same panic attacks that you get when you think about living in Fairfax, VA and owning a minivan.

11. Newman O’s

You want Oreos, but you are 25 and live in DC and you can’t be seen eating those on the stoop of your Eastern Market shared house. Prevent becoming a social pariah by purchasing the organic alternative.

12. Greek Yogurt

Isn’t it one of the new “New Super Foods”? Plus ladies, yoghurt is a natural combatant of YIs so eat up.

13. Chopped up Fruit

Do you even know how to cut a pineapple?

14. Trail Mix

In case you go on that hike. More likely, you’ll eat it when you realize that you have no real food in your fridge that would be ready to eat in under five minutes.

15. Organic Cleaning Supplies

You wouldn’t want the new guy you’re dating who works for the Earth Policy Institute to find a bottle of Windex lying around your apartment. You might as well just sit in front of him and shred reams of blank paper.

16. A Pair of Toms

Even if they break after 3 months, they are so comfortable! And you’re doing something great for the world. What a role model!

17. Cheese

The chances that you’re screwing someone who you’d be willing to give up cheese for are pretty slim. Definitely splurge for the Brie, you deserve it. Also calcium is important, and milk is a perishable that you can’t trust yourself to consume in a timely manner.

18. Peanut Butter

Shelf Life = Eternity.

19. Bread

Like Mindy Lahiri, you know the importance of bread as it relates to your daily alcohol consumption. You buy the kind with unidentified seeds over it, they call it “artisanal” or something.

20. Approximately $30 in their Prepared Food section

Once in a while you need a hot meal that doesn’t come from a Happy Hour menu. Chicken wings count, plus you put a lb. of garlicky kale and cucumber salad. Maybe, you’ll also get Sushi. Brown rice, of course.

*Bonus: If you’re feeling wild, you buy a piece of fish or meat that you plan on cooking using that cool new recipe you found on pinterest. You’ll find it in the back of your freezer three months later, when you’re looking for frozen lasagna.