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Review: Brunch at Teddy and the Bully Bar

22 Jan

This past weekend was spent celebrating MLK Day Capital Jill’s birthday in every way possible. Naturally, this included a surprise house party, H street, U street, glow in the dark drinks, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and (of course) brunch. We wanted to try somewhere new, so we made reservations at Teddy and the Bully Bar.

We arrived at noon for a bottomless brunch that lasted until 3:30. A fairly generous amount of time to consume every food item on the menu and at least 10 mimosas and 2 bloody’s. Or at least that was the goal. We aren’t bottomless noobies so we wanted to take it slow in order to avoid the 2:30 vomit feeling.

The atmosphere was lively to say the least – complete with a DJ who played a continuous stream of upbeat music which, although it immediately spiked up our energy, sometimes made it really difficult to hear each other without shouting across the table.

Service… Hmm… the service. I arrived about 15 minutes after the rest of the group, so I missed the initial drink and food orders. However, the waiter, who, I’ll just say it, was a dick, didn’t make his way back to our table for at least 25 minutes. And even after I ordered my first Bloody Mary, I didn’t actually have it in my hands until after 1 pm! Now, I’m fine with paying $40 plus for bottomless drinks and food – but I would like a drink in my hand. Constantly. I am certainly not willing to wait over an hour for my First Drink. And after that, my refills better be more than once every half hour! Needless to say, I put my grouchy pissed off face on… very visibly. Maybe the death stares to our waiter is what changed his tune about how frequently he visited our table from that point on. Because after that, our mimosa glasses never stayed empty for long.

As for the food… it was decent. Five orders of mac n’ cheese around the table, smoked salmon, and BLT grilled cheese certainly do go down well. But I also can’t say that it compares to the incredible food I’ve had at other bottomless brunches, like Agora and Ambar. So I guess I can just say… I’ve had better?

And finally, there’s the people. There were some solid weekly brunch crews that managed to find their way to Teddy and the Bully Bar. Lots of GW grads, yo-pros, and classy ladies in their early 30’s. Particularly, we noticed a table that we simply referred to as “The Beautiful People”. Their hair was perfectly curled and newly trimmed – whereas we wore baseball hats to cover up our hair that still probably had beer particles in it. When they laughed, they covered their mouth with their hands – we broke a mimosa glass 45 minutes in and couldn’t breathe from laughing so hard. They wore Burberry, we wore plaid and leggings. They smelled like Calvin Klein and champagne. Or… at least that’s how I imagine they smelled – I didn’t actually get that close. They were the epitome of bougie brunchers. But that’s what Teddy’s is… it’s definitely a bougie brunch place. Not for the likes of us who want to act a little less formal on Sunday afternoons.

Going Out In College Vs. Going Out Now

Will I go back? Eh. Maybe. But let’s be honest… I’d rather spend less money on bottomless drinks at Southern Hospitality and enjoy their food a lot more. All the while not being privately judged for (maybe too loudly) talking about the British guy’s pimple from the night before.

Belle’s rating: C… unless you wanna bouge it up.


The DC 15

23 Oct

The Freshman 15. Some of us were fortunate enough to escape it during our initial year of collegiate glory, while others wound up wearing sweatpants and t-shirts all year round for a reason. Others weren’t plagued by this problem until the upperclassmen years. Senior projects and mid-term exams that were a bit more difficult than Freshman Speech class and led to serious stress eating.


Then there are those of us who didn’t find the Freshman 15 until a few years after that… in Washington DC. That would be me. For the past several months, I’ve been trying to figure out why my clothes have mysteriously been getting smaller and smaller… I have 12 pairs of jeans in my closet, but rotate between the only 3 pairs that still comfortably button. Now that it’s fall, I can’t hide behind flowy sundresses and elastic waistline skirts for work and happy hours.

Although initially I couldn’t figure out what was happening, I began to notice some habits that I picked up since moving here… Retrospectively, I’ve also figured out a few ways to get myself back to normal. I’m a little late for bikini season, but maybe I can pull off a sexy looking sweater.



4. I’m writing this as my stomach is full of tostitos and cookie dough. There has been more than one occasion where I have called this a “standard well-rounded dinner”. It goes without saying that maybe I should swap some microwave chicken nuggets with 4 layers of ketchup for green beans or a salad.

3. Drunk eating. I really need to stop binge-eating after going out. If I have a bag of shredded cheese in my fridge and I come home late Friday night… I will find it… and I will devour every last bit of it. Maybe there’s some type of Pavlov’s dog experiment I can try to get myself out of this delicious habit…

you ate the whole wheel of cheese gif

2. Bottomless (food and drink) Brunch… need I say more?

1. Corporate America. I sit on my butt every single day for at least 5 or 6 hours staring at a computer. Before I had this “desk job”, I would be out with friends, babysitting crazy 2 year old twins, yard work, etc… But real world life isn’t giving me those opportunities anymore. So now I have to figure out if I’d rather have a steady paycheck or a nicer butt… #firstworldprobs


4. I’m a major proponent of Capital Bike Share. Not only do I save a ton of money from the metro, I also save time! I can actually bike places on weekends faster than waiting 18 minutes for the next orange line. Unfortunately, the cooler the weather gets, the less likely I am to ride my bike to work. But I also need to remind myself that DC isn’t Wisconsin. It may get chilly, but for now, riding a bike is totally doable.

3. I decided to join a gym. Paying $50 a month is motivation for me to get there 2 or 3 times a week for a class (personal favorites: Boxing and Body Pump). Unfortunately, I’m quite accident prone and managed to whack myself in the left eye while using an elastic resistance band… maybe I need a hot personal trainer?

2. Dieting is not my thing. I enjoy food way too much. Besides, we all claim we’re going to start dieting, but we usually say this with an extra large sub sticking halfway down our throats. So, yeah… let’s forget about #2.

1. Stop resorting to drinking only beer when out at a bar. Yes – it is the cheaper option. But we’re all yopros… and we should be able to afford a Gin and Ginger or an extra dirty martini every once in a while to offset the beer-calories.


So what do you think, readers? Any healthy advice for a girl like me?



Brunch Review – The Chesapeake Room

30 Sep

by Capitol Jill

This weekend, a friend was visiting for a short time and we needed an early brunch place on Labor Day. Which was surprisingly difficult to find! Many places were closed or did not open till late. Thus, my friends and I stumbled into Ted’s Bulletin with hope and a prayer at 10:30, only to find a three hour wait. Solution? Oh look, there’s brunch next door!

So our group heads into the Chesapeake Room, a fancy-looking seafood restaurant that benefits from its great location and effective use of sandwich boards.

Now I love brunches, and I love trying new brunches. I’m a Stop Requested Lady, after all. Every place has its own unique feel, and I enjoy discovering that. But this place, I could not pin down. Here is the rundown:


Decor: fancy, upscale bar style. Wood paneling, leather booths, GIGANTIC FISH TANK (total highlight)


Music: night club-esque is the best way I can describe it. I was hungover, tired, and nursing a bloody mary — No part of that combination makes me want to listen to Ke$ha at 10:30 AM. This hurt.


Drinks : weak, overpriced bloody mary. Nothing special to report here, although they did seem to have a good selection of beers on tap. However, the day I order a beer at brunch is the day I turn in my pearls, so no thank you.


Food: Eh, not great. While I enjoyed my potato and ham hash with poached eggs, my friends were unimpressed by their fare. Not to mention the small portions.


Atmosphere: Two thumbs down. Not only were the servers rude, they did not even try to accommodate our size group (7 people, not a huge number!) and instead made us sit at two tables. This place was filled with older couples, not exactly our scene.


Overall Grade: C- (and I think I am being generous)


Verdict: Don’t go here for brunch unless you are desperate. Not when everywhere else on Barracks Row is more delicious (Banana cafe and Ambar, among many more!)

 until next time, happy brunches!


Capitol Jill

My Brunch Rebuttal

20 Sep
by Stacie Smack.



Recently, a blogger that I would deem as my inspiration in life and the person that I strive to become everyday, published an article on why he hates brunch. And all I can say is: David, you are doing it wrong.

First of all, it is better than dinner AND it has steak. Maybe you need better friends who actually know where to go. Because, I exclusively get my weekly serving of protein on the weekends and most of it comes from brunch.

Secondly, so what if my line cook was out til 5 am? I was probably grinding up on him last night anyways, so at least I know we can all relish in the hangover together. Brunch creates a community of camaraderie and friendship. It has the power to bring our nation together. Plus, it’s the only socially acceptable time to wear sunglasses indoors and the same dress you were wearing the night before.


Third of all, Brunch is the weekend version of El Centro’s Thursday late night open bar. It is simply the continuation of your Saturday night and Sunday morning. Without skipping a beat, you can transition from Vodka Sodas to pregame, to Tequila shots at 3am, throw in a slice of Pizza and by noon your stomach is ready to bring on the champagne. If that’s not how you’re doing it, you’re doing it wrong.

Fourth. It’s not one “Eggs Benny”. It’s fucking four orders of them – crab, ham, salmon AND a wildcard. Because at brunch, you don’t just drink bottomlessly. You eat bottomlessly. And if you were a real man, you’d be eating every item on that menu. FYI, that’s why it takes so long.

Lastly, you ask why I have to see my friends again? HELLO, so that we can discuss all of the things that happened after we left each other. Really, there’s no other socially acceptable venue to discuss whether or not having to walk out on the balcony topless to fish for your bra at 9am at I-think-his-name-was-Ricky’s apartment was slutty or exactly the right level of sexy.


David, here are some pro-tips for you:

– Always ask for the Mimosa Pitcher, don’t wait for the waiter to come around pouring it for you.

-Always get the steak and eggs. Which is always available.

-Don’t go to brunch with your acquaintances. Go to brunch with the same people you were out with last night because you never went home in the first place.

-Ordering a side of bacon for your side of bacon is mandatory.

Stay tuned for our in-depth analysis of Casual Brunch v. DC Brunch.