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Scattered thoughts

16 Jun

By Capitol Jill

I’ve been a bit MIA lately, due to a weird combination of not having anything to say or having too MUCH to say. But here are the random thoughts I’ve been having recently, in no particular order:


1. This article is gold. Titled “7 things to tell yourself when you are single”, it manages to capture my feelings on the subject. I think the girls and I have had this conversation many times. My favorite: you are the most important person in your life.

2. Cat GIFS are the best. This list covers a lot of good ones, if you’re a newbie. Thanks Buzzfeed, this is exactly what I needed during a 12 hour work day! try NOT to laugh while reading this one.

The Best Cat GIF Post In The History Of Cat GIFs

3. I tried to take Stacie‘s advice and say yes to a second date, but the first one was SO BAD. Not just boring, but he reminded me of an ex boyfriend. Nice try, Coffee Meets Bagel.

4. I finally went on a good date this weekend. What made it a good date? I can’t even pinpoint one thing. Conversation flowed, I wasn’t self conscious about being myself, he didn’t assume I was going to sleep with him, and I just had FUN. (It definitely beat Belle’s “just fine” category). Three hours went by, and it felt like thirty minutes. I’m chalking this one up as a success and hoping the next one goes as well!

5. I’ve just caught on to the morning smoothie trend. I am so in.

6. Another cat GIF because MONDAYS.

The 15 Funniest Cat GIFs Of The Summer


P.S. Sadie, my dear cat,  is also mystified by the toilet.


Have a great week!


Capitol Jill


The 10 Stages of Phone Loss (in GIF form)

5 May

by Capitol Jill

Ever lost your cell phone? Then you understand the crippling panic, self-doubt and anger that I feel right now. In this big city, my phone could actually be anywhere, and while I know its all my own fault, I can’t help but bitch about it.


Here is what the process of grieving looked like yesterday:


The 10 Stages of Losing Your Phone


1. Drunk discovery – Stumbling into the house, you realize you don’t have your phone.

2. Reluctant, Sleepy Acceptance — well, its too late to do anything tonight, and you’re really tired, so maybe everything will be OK in the morning?

3. Still-Drunk Morning Freakout – 6 am wake up to feed your cat, and remember that YOUR PHONE IS MISSING. Begin to loose your shit. Until you collapse.

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Jill’s #Wins

28 Apr

By Capitol Jill

Hello friends! Ive been posting a lot about things I’m PLANNING to do, so I thought i would do a quick post about what I have actually done! Below are my recent accomplishments, or #wins.

1. Adopted a cat: thats right, I am the proud mama of my very own cat! Her name is TBA, but shes an adorable 5 year old tortie mix. Shes the tiniest cat I’ve ever seen and I love her already. Right now, we are dealing with some separation anxiety issues (i.e. she cries if no one is holding her) but we’re gonna work on that. I just got her Saturday! So Happy. So Adult. Of course, the minute we brought her in, it was clear that Carlos Danger would be her favorite. He isn’t loving that situation, but he’ll get over it.


just LOOK at this beauty. Shes such a lovely lady.

2. Ask for a raise: I did it! My boss said no, but I don’t regret making the ask. I felt empowered by taking control of my career and we had a very fruitful conversation about my work performance and how I can grow in my roll. He had very positive things to say about me, so I guess it went well! Yay to leaning in. (Not that I read that book. Neither did Betty, but she blogged about it anyways!)

3. Not fight with ex  boyfriends: a few weeks ago, I posted about two exes visiting. I’m happy to report that EVERYTHING went well!

Thats whats new in my life. Anything new with all of you?

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Capitol Jill


How to Ask for a Raise

21 Apr

By Capitol Jill


I’ve come to the point in my job where I have to do a very scary, uncomfortable thing.

I’m going to ask my boss for a raise.


Working on the hill is a unique beast. The pay is miniscule, but that’s expected. And I know that I will never make a lot of money on the hill. But I do think it’s time I get bumped up a bit, and I’ve decided to ask outright for it.

I’ve talked to mentors about this, and read countless articles (like this one, and this one, and this one too!). Here are the best pieces of advice I’ve gleaned from those conversations.


1. Practice what you are going to say – everyone tells me this first. Because it is an uncomfortable conversation, no matter what the situation, its easy to talk in circles and rush through your points. I plan on practicing in the mirror several times this week, working on modulating my tone and keeping my pace even.

2. Make them say no – This one I’ve heard from a lot of people. A managers job is to have these conversations with employees.

3. Do not try to rationalize or explain (too much) – If you’re doing a good job, and deserve a raise, hopefully the boss has already noticed your good work.

4. Use metrics and specifics to explain why you deserve a raise – my best mentor gave me this advice early on, and I have really tried to keep it in mind. Extra projects you take on, past performances you improve upon – all of these things are important in determining your salary. While you don’t need to explain in great detail what you’ve been doing, it’s important to bring up a few key points that show your value to the office.

5. If you act confident, you will appear confident.


I’ll be making the big leap later this week, in a conversation with my boss about my work performance and ways I can improve. I’m scared, but in a weird way, I’m excited. This is a conversation I am sure I will have to have in the future, and I think that right now, it is time. LEAN IN!!

Maybe I’ll let you all know how it goes!

Wish me luck!

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Capitol Jill

I Don’t Support That: Camo Edition

14 Apr

By Capitol Jill

Flashback to last weekend. Unsuspecting, innocent Jill riding the metro to a friend’s apartment.

Enter: tourists.

Wearing camouflage jackets.

My eyeballs are still scarred.

Behold, the spectacle.


I risked my life to take this picture, folks.

Let’s take a closer look.



Now, I vaguely understanding wearing camo if you are hunting. As in real hunting, not playing Big Buck Hunter while intoxicated at a sports bar (Amirite, Ann?)

But in the city, does this really help you blend in? I don’t think so.


Verdict: I Don’t Support That.


Thanks, Joaquin. Well demonstrated.

What are your thoughts on Camo? Let us know in the comments below!


Capitol Jill

Things You Need To Be Considered an Adult, Capitol Jill Version

7 Apr

Inspired by this thought catalog post.

So you think you’re an adult, huh?? How do you know for sure?



One way to measure true adulthood-success is by the things that you own. Not in terms of wealth or having money, but the items around your house that are necessary to be considered a true adult, who mixes drinks with more than orange juice and might just have a dinner party now and again.

To assist in this matter, I present Capitol Jill’s List of 7 Things You Need To Be Considered An Adult.

1. A toolkit – as an adult, you at least need a hammer, some nails, screwdrivers (Philips and flat, and of course you should also know the difference!) and a level. If you want to pull some high-level adult maneuvers, you might want a drill as well. Drilling can actually be very empowering, but avoid mixing with alcohol. Carlos Danger can attest that I have mad drilling skills. Take that, hanging rack!

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Jill’s Tips for Weekend Guests

31 Mar

News flash: I did NOT fight with either of my exes this weekend, nor did they fight with each other. While my body is angry at me today, I’d say it was a successful weekend overall!

After this marathon of a reunion weekend, I thought I would share a few of my tips for hosting large groups of people at your house. I’ve done this at least 5 times since I moved into my apartment, and I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it! So in case you have people moving in temporarily, here’s Jill’s Tips for Weekend Guests

Pre-Weekend Prep

Buy toilet paper. Lots of toilet paper – as Belle has described, I have previously ran out of toilet paper during a house party weekend. We had to use paper towels, and it was very chafing. Don’t make this mistake! I recommend something soft, it makes guests feel luxurious

Clean all towels and sheets – people will be sleeping EVERYWHERE, so the more sheets/blankets/pillows you have, the better. Its also a pain to travel with a towel, so I make sure all mine are clean for guests to use.

Prepare your liver – spend the days before the weekend eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and AVOIDING ALCOHOL. Your body will thank you.

Clean ALL your glasses – even things that aren’t usually used for drinking, such as mugs or baking ramekins. Otherwise, prepare to use a LOT of plastic cups.

During the weekend

Do Spot Cleaning – Take half an hour after each party/day drinking event to throw away empties and put things in the dishwasher. This will make things much less daunting when you are so hung over and tired Sunday night that you can barely see straight. It also makes the place look marginally nicer.

Light Candles – put a candle in the bathroom! Something strongly scented. It makes everyone more comfortable and prevents unfortunate smells from leaking into the hallway. Just remember to blow it out before you leave! I usually put a post-it on the door to remind myself of this one.

Here’s what NOT TO Do

DON’T plan out everything extensively beforehand. Your friends will often just want to hang out, nap, and relax. Ask specifically if there is anything they REALLY want to do for the weekend, but otherwise, let things happen on their own.

DON’T buy all the booze yourself. Make other people bring it as well, or you will be broke before you know it.

DON’T Stress. Its going to be a fun, memorable (hopefully) weekend for you and your friends. Enjoy being together, enjoy being young, and have fun.

Wishing you many fun weekends to come. Now go party like like its the early 2000s


Capitol Jill

Drama in the house!

23 Mar

Prepare for anxiety overload.

So this weekend, I am hosting a few college friends. And I couldn’t be more excited to see the two guys staying with me!

But news of their visit spread amongst our gang, and now we have a bit of a problem.

My ex boyfriend, who I’ll call Edward, will also be here this weekend.  And another ex of sorts, Ted, will also be here this weekend. Cue the drama.

Edward was my first kiss, my first love, my first everything. We were together a long time, and I loved him.  Things when south when our lives drifted apart (and when he told me that he didn’t see a future with me. Kthanx) I broke it off, which was rough on both of us, and it really was the right thing.  He sees that now too, I think, but it led to a lot of issues with our group of friends.

It was made worse by the fact that I started “seeing” Ted about a month later in a friends with benefits relationship (another post in  itself. never get in one of those!!). Nasty confrontations followed, and drama ensued. The boys hate each other, and I’m afraid they will hate me too.

I don’t want to fight with them. I do want us all to get along. But I don’t know if that’s possible. Too many scars, too many memories we all share. Last time Edward visited, it went fairly well, until he started driving. We always fought over his horrible driving. So this time, avoiding cars is necessary. But I’m also worried that discussions of things like sex lives and dating will come up, and I don’t want to say anything that will hurt Edward or Ted. Sure, Edward broke my heart, and Ted used to push me around, but I don’t want to hurt them back.

Also, its going to be so awkward! I know that my history with both of them will come up many times over the weekend. I don’t want to answer questions and I don’t want to talk about it, but I’m certain it will.

It’s a hard line to walk. I don’t know if I can do it.

Anxiety overload, people. Any tips on how to hang with exes? Give me advice.

Thank god my SR ladies will be on hand to keep me sane, as always.

And Booze.

give us some tips! How do you handle exes?

Snow Day Smut

3 Mar

Another day, another Federal Government snow day. While I do love getting to sleep in on a Monday, the entire idea of winter is getting really old, isn’t it?

I’m tired of snow and cold. Where the heck is spring anyways? Damnit, Phil.

Stuck inside all day, with Carlos Danger monopolizing the television and internet bandwidth with his stupid video games, I got a bit bored with cleaning and turned to my favorite pastime.

Not Netflix – my account is currently suspended. Never lose your debit card, friends.

Youtube? I wish. The internet can’t keep its shit together today, it seems.

As I’ve alluded to here before, I love to read romance novels. So I spent today doing precisely that. No regrets.

Why romance novels? People often make fun of me, for reading such crap books. Its true, I’m not proud of my addiction. Having a Nook has really made it too easy to read smut in public. But I regret nothing.

I love romance novels for so many reasons. One, I love a nice easy read that distracts. I think so much during the day, there are times I just want to zone out and not consider the world around me, or think about anything.

I also love to read about sex and romance. Watching porn has never interested me. I would much rather read about it. #girlproblems.

The main reason I read these books, though, is the same reason that I watch romantic comedies and Jane Austen movies and any romantic film I can get my hands on – I love a happy ending. It makes me happy to read about other people, even fictional characters, happy.

Who doesn’t want to believe that love works out, that people find their happy ending by finding someone perfect for them? And I’m no fool that believes love works the way it does in books or movies – I have too much experience being injured by men to believe that, and too much sense. But at the end of the day, I still pine for my own happy ending, wondering when the gallant hero of the romance novel of my life is going to step in.

Listen, I’m not trying to whine. My life is great, and I’m happy almost all of the time. I wake up feeling incredibly lucky to be where I am, with great friends and a job I love. I can’t stop smiling when I think about my life.

But sometimes, don’t we all just want to have someone to love, who loves us back? Don’t we all want our happy ending to get here a little bit faster?

I know I do.

Now, back to my bodice ripper. I do believe there’s a duke waiting for me…


Capitol Jill

Tasty Political Dramas

24 Feb

By Capitol Jill

*warning- GIF heavy*

So you’ve watched House of Cards by now, right?


Have you been living under a rock?

It’s alright, we all make mistakes.

For those of you who HAVE seen House of Cards, and are obsessed with it (like I am), I thought I would put together a list of my other favorite political TV shows, many of which are also available to binge watch on Netflix. If you loved HOC, give these guys a try!

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