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you spin me right round baby

13 Jun

Last Saturday after a particularly boozy/bougie brunch, I was jammed in an Uber with three boys from U Street to Virginia. In the approximately thirty minutes it took us to make the 4 mile trip, conversation sure got interesting. By interesting, I don’t mean any part of it had me particularly entertained, but my mood did a serious 360 at the sight of something I have been craving for months…


I hadn’t been in the West End area in quite some time (sorry, no reason to stay at the Ritz or bop around with my [nonexistent] puppy at the dog park), and had only heard rumors and read the various articles about the mythical place. I was thrilled. I started screeching and screaming nonsense that none of the boys cared about, who then started lecturing me about how silly it is to pay $20 to ride a bike inside when I could easily waltz over to Capital Bikeshare and ride one around the Nation’s Capital. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (also I didn’t scold them for their casual underpricing of SC, what they don’t know won’t hurt them).

I’ve gone to spin for quite awhile in DC after trying it out in college and my previous home. I wasn’t a total convert until I realized that the Campaign 15 (20………) wasn’t coming off quite the way I had envisioned, and the DC 15 was eerily close to being a part of my life.

I currently go to spin at a smaller studio, and I’m sure I’ll continue going there even after SC opens because they have 2 locations super convenient for me and the price point is definitely more at my level than SC’s. But you bet I’ll make my fair share of appearances at SC. I went a couple of months without going to spin because my budget was tight, and I just wasn’t feeling terribly motivated for tough workouts in general. Since going back I’ve realized how. much. better. I. feel. I truly do enjoy working out, but in order to make it count, and not just waste 45 minutes aimlessly on the elliptical watching Kardashians, I need motivation. And not in the form of my friend running on the treadmill next to me, in the form of a small, fierce woman screaming at me in a dark room with music so loud I’m thinking about my Abercrombie employment days in 2007.

A lot of my friends have asked me how I make it to spin class at 6am during a stressful work week, or at 8am after a night of shenanigans that didn’t put me to bed until 5am. Well, I buy credits in advance and schedule my workouts for the week on Monday. I’m currently out of credits and am not really in the position to buy a ton right now, so I’ve been slumming it this week in my own gym and I can tell. I’m having trouble sleeping, I’m not as energized, and I’ve STRUGGLED to get in a long workout in the morning, instead sleeping in most days, and running downstairs to the elliptical for 20 minutes and having to go back at night to finish up.

Do y’all have tips for me on how to motivate myself more without dropping so much money on spin classes? I love the workout, but it definitely puts a strain on my wallet. If I could cut down to one class a week and fill in the other days with better, worthwhile workouts on my own, I would be thrilled (but would still definitely miss my classes)! Now that it’s summer and I discovered a tennis court right around the corner, I’m hoping my parents can dig up my high school tennis racket and I can get into playing!

Anybody else looking forward to Soul Cycle’s grand opening?




Is sharking a shellfish?

6 Jun

I love to take care of people. Cooking, cleaning, holding hair back while vomiting, if it involves you needing something I can fulfill (yup, even that), I can most likely be convinced to do it. I’ve talked before about how I often succumb to being too responsible, and I’m back at it again!

One thing that is apparent in my current life is my unbelievable ability to cockblock myself. Yes, you read that correctly. I keep cockblocking myself via my friends, because I LOVE TO TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE. And I worry too much.

Are you so drunk that you may take the metro all the way to the end of the yellow line and then get stuck with a guy with long fingernails? Well then you just come home with me and we’ll eat some pizza, and I’ll tuck you safely into my couch. Do you need to go home because you can’t stop crying about your ex boyfriend from 7 years ago that just got engaged? No worries, we can go home at 12 and watch the latest episode of the Bachelorette even though I’ve already seen it 4 times. OMG you feel barfy? KK NEXT UBER ASAP, IDGAF THAT IT’S ONLY 8PM!

You get the point. I massively cockblocked myself last weekend which sent me spiraling into the reality that, okay, sometimes it’s really necessary that I make sure everybody get home okay (i.e. nobody should ride the metro all the way to the end of the yellow line because that’s scary), but what ever happened to shoving somebody into a cab and getting back to your conversation with that cute guy? WHY IS EVERYBODY ELSE CAPABLE OF DOING THIS BUT I AM NOT?

So, I’m turning a new leaf. It’s hookup season, I’m going to start being selfish and shoving you in a cab and out of my face, I’m jumping back on the shark, and y’all can’t stop me (unless I stop myself).

Here’s to a lot of fireball shots and bad decisions ladies and gents, catch ya on the flip side.


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Anne’s Signature Travel Look

16 May

I’ve been traveling A LOT lately. Planes, trains, and automobiles. Every Friday, I’ve found myself throwing on the same outfit in preparation for my post-work, weekend adventures.

The Lilly Pulitzer Travel Pant (hello perfectly named) has been an absolute godsend. They transition beautifully from work to a long evening of travel. They’re made to look like nicer pants, but feel like leggings. I’ve gotten so many compliments on them I would wear them every day of the week if I didn’t think anybody would notice.


In my more casual office, I’ve been pairing with an old chambray popover, but this J Crew Linen Popover would also do the trick in a more casual environment.

Linen popover in stripe


More business casual, formal office? Tuck in this silk top instead.

As for shoes, I’ve been wearing my signature, beloved, and unfortunately discontinued Cece Flats, or Reva Flats (some styles currently ON SALE!).

Cece leather ballet flats


This outfit is seriously so comfortable, but does not sacrifice style or class. Especially in DC, you never know who you’re going to run into at the airport, on the metro, running through Union Station, or even as your seatmate.

Tomorrow, I’ll be changing up my go-to ever so slightly, as I’m leaving at 7am Saturday, instead of 7pm Friday, to a tropical locale (okay it’s not that tropical, it’s still in the lower 48), and I have BIG, LATE NIGHT PLANS for tonight. I’ll want to look good while being extra comfy and not worrying about wrinkles. So, I’ll be throwing on my travel pants with a couple changes…

Introducing my new favorite wardrobe staple: The Lilly Pulitzer Skipper Popover


UM. Hello perfection. If prints aren’t your thing (leave), they have a solid option as well. Again, I’ll still look like I didn’t roll out of bed, but I’ll be even more supremely comfy on my early AM jaunt south.

To complete this look, I’m going to wear the shoes I’ll be wearing for most of vacation: My  trusty ole’ Jack Rogers

Eep! I’m so excited to jet off tomorrow morning for a quick vacation.

What are your go to travel outfits? My officemates MAY be getting a little sick of my weekly repeat…

A Very KardashiANNE Meltdown

2 May

It’s happening again….social season; sometimes lovingly referred to as Betty’s hookup season, also known as the time when all DC Yuppies come out of hiding and frequent roof tops and 14th street and plan beach getaways and concerts and #NATITUDE outings etc etc etc, ALSO known as Spring and Summer.

Well folks, I’m stressed. And because I’ve recently re-discovered Kardashian gifs, they’re going to help me out here.


I’ve been a little absent here on the blog, and I absolutely loathe those people who claim to be so busy all the time, but all of a sudden out of nowhere guys, THINGS just started piling on to me! Allow me to outline my last several, and upcoming weekends:

Ohio, Eastern Shore of MD, D.C. but with a gaggle of 2 groups of visitors on the final weekend of Cherry Blossom festival, Chicago, New York, Ocean City, a much needed solo weekend in DC, Florida, Ocean City (while all my friends jet to Myrtle Beach – judging by this schedule, I will not be able to swing it with work), Ohio, Eastern shore of MD. And then it’s the middle of June. And I will inevitably be planning another weekend in New York. Another college reunion. Another wedding.

15 GIFs Of Scott Disick Being A Douche


It’s always something. While I’m doing all of this traveling, I’m having severe FOMO of life here in D.C. doing all the things I listed above! I’ve been turning down invites and backing out of plans right and left. I truly want to see my friends during the week, but between studying for a certain postgraduate exam and taking a class, looking at grad schools, looking into details of A DIFFERENT postgraduate exam, and work, it’s tough! Betty gave me a friendly reminder that I may be over committing myself, and I don’t need to do everything, and she is most definitely correct.

13 Girl Codes The Kardashians Do Their Best to Live By

I can’t pin point the places I need to cut back. I miss life in D.C., I want to focus on friends, having fun, dating, and shopping, and instead I’m focused on getting a 170, what’s appropriate wedding gift etiquette, my next career move, and wondering how yesterday it was December and I was sitting around doing nothing and now it’s MAY and I already have plans for September. I feel like every time I get everything perfectly planned and together and I have a chance to catch my breath, it’s time to start planning something else.

20 Stages Of Taking Buzzfeed's "Which Kardashian Are You?" Quiz


I’ve gone through this before, and alas I’ve found myself back here again. How do I deal with my ever-transitioning life? I feel like I just got comfortable in D.C., and now I’m talking about going to school or taking jobs elsewhere come 2015?! YIKES. SOS! HELP! It’s also possible that my constant traveling and stress is stemming from my Karen moment a few months ago (ooo deep!).

Maybe I’ll just take Khloe’s advice. Who wants to rip fireball shots and hook up?

Essential Life Rules The Kardashians Taught The World#brohugs


The Thirst Is Real

18 Apr

I think it’s clear that I love attention. Not in a psychotic nobody else can speak or shine kind of way, but in a wanting everybody to like me/talk to me all the time kind of way.

When it comes to boys, I’m absolutely all about him texting me all the time, asking me to hang out all the time, wanting to come over all the time…or so I thought.

I recently hooked up with a guy (younger than me – but we’re not gonna talk about that), and now he won’t leave me the fuck alone.


Normally, this kind of attention would thrill me. Am I growing up? Am I so not into him that I don’t WANT a personal connection with him, and I’m truly just using him for late night booty calls? In the past, even the guys I EXCLUSIVELY just wanted to hook up with, I still longed for them to text me first, and ask me to get a drink. This guy has thrown me for a loop.

His thirst is unreal. He even hooked up with me after I ignored his texts for over a week, and then texted him at midnight on a Wednesday inviting him over. He was brave enough to ask why I stopped returning his texts and BELIEVED me when I fabricated some tale about spilling a mimosa on my phone. It’s 2014. If I had spilled a mimosa on my phone, I would have gotten a new one in 24, not 168, hours.

Anyway, he won’t leave me alone and I’m so over it. A few weeks ago he asked me to hang out and I told him I was at a party far away and wasn’t available tonight. I shit you not, he called and texted me every 5 minutes trying to find a way to meet up. Yuck. Every time he asks to hang out, I tell him I’m busy, thinking I’m initiating the slow fade. Even when I was OUT OF TOWN, he wanted to chat about how my weekend was going, and make plans for when I got back – I ignored. Homeboy just cannot take a hint.



Desperation is definitely one of the most unattractive qualities one can posses. Maybe I’m just not into this guy because he’s not playing hard to get, and his clinginess has just turned me completely off.


So, tell me how I can get rid of this stage 5 clinger without coming off like a royal bitch?



2 Apr

There are a few things I love in life. Some of those things are New Orleans, Chrissy Teigen, wine, and cooking. All 4 of those loves came together beautifully on Saturday when I stumbled upon Chrissy tweeting about wanting to do a #DrunkDinnerParty, where a bunch of psychopaths who are weirdly obsessed with her (read: me) all cook the same meal and tweet about it.

Um, count me in!

I was even MORE excited when the meal Chrissy chose was Jambalaya. HI NOLA! Plus, I had been dying to make jambalaya with the kale and sun dried tomato chicken sausage taking up space in my freezer. Sunday was rainy and lazy, perfect for cooking some warm comfort food. I ventured to the new Trader Joe’s on 14th street first thing Sunday morning (Recommend! I generally shop at Whole Foods, and I was able to find most of what I needed, plus a few extras, for so much cheaper!) for Emeril’s Jambalaya ingredients.

I constantly checked #DrunkDinnerParty and Chrissy’s twitter for updates. A few of my favorite tweets from the day/evening:

There were definitely more, but those are the ones I was sober enough to take screen shots of for the purpose of this post (seriously I got white girl wasted SOLOOOO). Chrissy was planning on starting around 7:30, but I was sleepy, and had a ton to do after dinner, so I decided to get a head start. I opened a bottle of wine and got to work….






Before I knew it, I had finished almost a whole bottle of wine, and SR was a twitter celeb! I was also sweating profusely due to red wine chugging, cooking, and hot sauce in my eyeballs (#oops) (#singlebecause).

Displaying photo3.jpg

Displaying photo5.jpg

I definitely changed some aspects of the recipe. For example, I skipped the andouille sausage and subbed in my kale sun dried tomato chicken sausage, chicken instead of shrimp, used quinoa instead of rice, added okra, and added some unsalted crushed tomatoes in addition to fresh. The finished product:

Displaying photo6.jpg

Had I used a bigger pan (my Le Creuset perhaps), I would have definitely made it a little “soupier”. Overall, it was pretty delicious!! Next time I’ll also leave out most of the thyme from Emeril’s “Bayou Blast”, it was way too overpowering, and I definitely tried to hide it with more hot sauce #ThisGirlWasOnFire.

I hope Chrissy does this again! At first I thought it was super delusional and what the fuck I was spending my Sunday night cooking a meal via twitter with other people equally obsessed with Chrissy as I? Still feeling a little delusional about it but HEY, I got an awesome meal, I got red wine drunk on Sunday, a bunch of twitter followers, and Chrissy Teigen retweeted me so basically, 2014 made.

I’ll be back to broing out next week.




The Real Villain

21 Mar

Doesn’t everybody lovehate Carrie Bradshaw? I do. I like a lot of things about Carrie – her shoes, her hair (I know), her cute little run across the street. But there are also many many things I dislike about Carrie. How mean she is to Aiden, her sober chain smoking habit, and the fact that she can’t help but wonder about every damn thing.

It’s been ingrained in our heads since circa age 14 that we should strive to be one of the SATC girls; nobody wants to be Miranda, nobody wants to admit they’re not as sexually active as Samantha and pretends her behavior is appalling, and not everybody can be Charlotte, so most of us become a self-proclaimed Carrie-Charlotte hybrid. One trait of Carrie we all seemed to inherit was the whole overdramatic thinking thing.

The 21 Most Melodramatic Things Carrie Bradshaw Ever Said

Alright ladies, let’s all admit it. We can be a little crazy. Mainly when it comes to men. Some of us more than others. And those of us that are extra crazy give those of us that are less crazy a bad name…….

Oh who am I kidding we’re all pretty batshit.

23 Problems Only Kids Of Immigrant Parents Will Understand

I’ve done  some downright psychotic things to get a boy to pay attention to me/come over at 2am/be forced to refer to me as his girlfriend/ask me to formal/etc. Some of these things I am not proud of. Some of them terrify me. Some of them are hilarious. Some of them should have branded me a stalker. WHATEVER. (Kidding y’all – I wasn’t that bad. But I did once burst into tears in a bar when the boy I was hooking up with said hi to my friend and not me. He had to escort me out of the bar and to my bed…which he obviously got in. They’re shameless too.)

So I’m pretty familiar with my friends being crazy with guys and all. A very preppy/upper middle class/predominantly white university in the Midwest will [to nobody’s surprise] surround you with some pretty crazy bitches. As I’ve mentioned before, when “He’s Just Not That Into You” came out as a movie, I quoted that to my friends all day every day. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the psycho shit we did in college has followed us to our postgrad years. As we enter our mid-twenties, the stakes are higher and our former typical sorority girl habits have reared their ugly heads, morphed, and are back with a vengeance.

How many girls have I watched go on a few great dates with a guy, imagined monogramming their future towels, only to be told “next week’s not gonna work for me – I’m out of town….indefinitely.”? Far too many. How many girls have I watched get right back on their feet and say “Meh. His loss!”? Not many. How many girls have I watched eat too many carbs, drink too much vodka, and wind up in the bed of a hairy, dirty fingernailed, cargo pant wearing boy in god knows where Virginia? Way, way, WAY too many (myself included).

Listen. I’m all about getting over someone by getting under someone else (thanks Gossip Girl). But please ladies, do not lower your standards. Do not beat yourself up. I promise you, life does go on. I have had my heart broken. I have been so earth shatteringly upset over a breakup that I didn’t think it was possible to go on. When I broke up with my boyfriend from high school, I thought my life was O V E R. Looking back now – WHAT IN GOD’S NAME WAS WRONG WITH ME? Let’s not get into the winners I picked in college or even after.

And. I love you girls, but why are we always turning the guy into a villain? Read this ThoughtCatalog article I stumbled upon earlier this week. The writer asked a bunch of guys why they rejected her. And man, the truth can hurt, but the truth shall also set you free, right? As our hero learned, maybe you didn’t DO anything wrong! Maybe you weren’t responsive to his texts while trying not to appear desperate, so he thought you weren’t into it. Maybe he is a strict vegetarian and you’re a meat lover. Maybe it even comes down to the simple trait we often find in the District, you’re a card carrying member of the GOP and he worked for the Obama campaign, and he just  literally can’t with that. Sure, men can be skeezy, rude, smelly, and sometimes downright mean. But not always. Just like those crazy chicks who give us all a bad name, guys can get a bad rep too. I love a good Southern gentleman to coddle me and treat me like a lady. I appreciate the truth. If he’s not into it, sure I’d like to be told. But what if, like you, he’s not good at communicating? What if he’s embarrassed? Shy? Scared of being hurt? What if he’s NOT mean and just  says he’s busy, slowly goes off the map, and you finally realize he’s not into it after 2 dates?

Should you be heartbroken? I’m not going to tell you yes or no. But I am going to tell you to stop beating yourself, and the guy up. Things happen. Relationships work. Relationships don’t work. It’s trial and error. It’s science. Dating is science! I’m also going to tell you that if he pulls this behavior after 15 dates and sleepovers, he’s a commitmentphobe, and he may be a little bit of a jackass. But he doesn’t necessarily deserve a scarlet letter. Take a look at what happened. Maybe he is a jackass. Maybe you’re a control freak. History repeats itself, and you don’t want crazy creeping in to every potential relationship that comes down the pike.

Am I making sense? Am I rambling? Here’s my point: don’t be that girl. The girl that dwells and cries herself to sleep and goes on an anti male tirade because your monogram was perfect and he has a twin so maybe you’ll have twins, just because you didn’t hear from him again after your second date. Don’t do it to yourself, don’t do it to your friends, and don’t do it to your future.

There are exceptions to the statements I’m making. I love to fantasize about monograms. I love that he’s a twin and that maybe that increases the chances that I’ll have twins. It’s only natural to think about these things as, like I said earlier, the stakes to our dating games are getting higher. But if there’s no spark? Why force it? Besides, aren’t we all holding out for Ryan Gosling anyway?

No More Ms. Nice Girl

14 Mar

I’m in a bit of a funk.

Everything about everything and everybody is driving me absolutely freakin’ nuts. fjdasl;fjads;dla

me, everytime somebody speaks or looks at me.

It pretty much all started last week. I’m pretty type A – my closet is organized by season, type, color, my nail polish by color, my movies alphabetically, etc….so moving last week just threw a wrench in my life. Although I love my new apartment, it doesn’t really feel like home yet. Things are DEFINITELY still in disarray, I feel like I haven’t had a single minute to organize my closet and my THINGS.

PLUS I turned 24 last week, so cue a maaaaajor quarter life crisis. As my week went on, I was continually reminded that I’m not gallivanting my little college town anymore, something I often forget since DC can sometimes be one big frat party. I was also sick. Very very sick. The doctor banned me from “strenuous activity” which included my beloved spin class.

17 Things That Happen At Your First Spin Class

What was a girl to do the week before her birthday party without sticking to a strict diet and exercise regime?! (I’m cutting out gluten and sugar, and consuming a very very limited amount of processed foods, so maybe that’s got something to do with my funk…) I was miserable. And watched a lot of tv. And shopped. That is what I did the week before my birthday party.

My birthday was the light at the end of the tunnel of last week, and I couldn’t have been more excited. SEVEN of my fabulous college friends (clearly I’ve already lived my glory days) were set to come and I was so. damn. excited. Two of them were in town for something else, three of them live here but I don’t see them nearly often enough, one planned a vacation/visit to see me here, and the other planned a special trip for my birthday.

22 Dogs Who Are Just Really Excited To Be Dogs

So imagine my devastation when the week before, one of my very best friends canceled her trip. After a trying couple months at work, the funk I was entering, and my mysterious illness, I neeeeded some bestie time. I understood why she was unable to come, but it still sucked. I put that behind me and geared up for the big day. When five out of those seven people, including the trip canceler, straight up BAILED, and offered no good excuses, I was pissed, upset, confused, and DRAMATIC.

45 Ridiculous And Amazing GIFs Of Nene Leakes For Her Birthday

In between mild panic attacks that I was secretly the most hated person in America Karen of my friend group, another friend stirred up some REAL drama with a DIFFERENT group of college friends, solidifying my thoughts that I was indeed, Karen (ps if you’re unfamiliar with Karen, watch the video below).

Phone calls/texts/e-mails started to roll in from my friends that things had come up/the night got away from them/they were stuck elsewhere/ and other various explanations. I still felt like Karen, but much less so. (PS – if I actually thought I was the Karen, I would not be writing this. I’m well aware that I am not the Karen. But blacked out Anne thought otherwise)

My night went on and I had an amazing time despite the missing few. My friends are fabulous and so generous. At the end of the night, I chose a burrito  over a boy. WHAT?!?!?! I know. That’s another part of the funk I’m in. Similar to what Jill was feeling recently, I somehow have not been my boy-obsessed self. As I mentioned earlier, I probably lived all my glory days in college. I hooked up with allllll the boys, I went to all of the parties, I experimented with drugs, I bought anything I wanted whenever I wanted. Honestly, I’m  feeling a little been there done that with some of the things my friends are going through.

Everything You Missed In The First Episode Of Lindsay Lohan's New Reality Show

(actually I love it)

*I felt myself relating way too closely to LiLo during parts of her OWN docuseries…… (Just the part where she said there wasn’t a party she hadn’t been to, etc. and didn’t need that stuff anymore – don’t worry y’all!)

This leads to my annoyance as demonstrated by the one and only Jessica Day above. This whole week, I have been on serious edge, everything everybody does is driving me nuts (sorry friends – I love you. And it’s nothing personal, I’m just grumpy). On Tuesday I opted out of a social gathering to sit at home and skype with my mom while drinking wine and online shopping (to be fair, she did buy me a lot of things). Suuuper not betchy of me.

Today, Betty told me to stop being so responsible, and although she meant it jokingly, she was totally right. I’ve started taking everything way, way, WAY too seriously. Sure, I’ve got more drama in my life currently than I have in years, and there’s a lot at stake, but I need to calm the fuck down and learn to live in the god damn moment. WHO CARES IF MY NAIL POLISH ISN’T ORGANIZED BY COLOR? WHO CARES IF I GO HOME WITH THIS BOY AND HE NEVER TEXTS ME AGAIN?

Is this a standard quarter life/post grad dilemma? I recently had to learn a lesson about keeping friendships separate from professional relationships you may have with that same person, and that situation has been a serious rollercoaster and reminded me that I am, in fact, growing up, and there’s more at stake than maybe not getting invited to a party. My whole life I have been uber concentrated on being the most popular, the best dressed, etc., and now that I don’t feel that same pressure, and more important factors are coming into play, I’m feeling a little lost. UGH. I’m even annoyed by myself.

Anybody else experiencing this mid twenties slump? Maybe getting back into the swing of things the next couple weeks will put me on the right track, I guess only time will tell….

Thanks for listening to the rant. I promise I’ll try to be less boring again. XOXO.

The Rent Is Too Damn High

28 Feb

I’m moving tomorrow! Hooray! But, within the same building. Womp womp. To a nicer apartment! Yay! Still pricey. Booooo. I live in pretty NW DC. Perfect for my commute, not terrible for getting anywhere else (although my friends often complain about the trek…it ain’t that bad guys!), and I have a pool, gym, washer and dryer in unit, NOW granite counter tops, wood floors, etc etc, for a reasonable (for DC) price AND my closet(s) actually resembles this:

21 Stages Of Having A Shoe Addiction

Initially, I wanted to move to Logan Circle/Dupont area. I had so many reasons: close to going out, close to friends, close to all metro lines, close to restaurants, etc. And I found a perfect building. Not too expensive for the area, sacrificed a lot of amenities, but definitely doable – I recognize I’m living the serious high life currently, and I could scale back. That didn’t work out. Then came the question, should I get a roommate? Couldn’t find anybody who was willing to move out at that point, and I certainly wasn’t going month to month on my current lease, as that price would SKYROCKET. So, I decided to stay where I am-ish.

I looked for a LONG TIME before I made this decision, and I’m still KIND OF unsure about it. Finding housing in DC should absolutely be added to Dante’s Inferno. THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH. If you’re entering the apartment search in the District, here are 10 things you can expect to feel:

10. Optimism

OOOOOHH so many red pins on pad mapper in my price range in the general area hooray!!

21 Stages Of Having A Shoe Addiction

9. Confusion

What do you mean all 4 of these pins are for the same craiglist ad with no pictures and a studio advertised as a 1BR/1BA?

8. Stress

Ugh none of these are perfect they’re all ugly and moldy and WHAT? WINDOW AIR MAY BE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST?

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7. Exhaustion

It’s 3am?! I started this process at 7pm! I’ll just try to take a nap and finish at work tomorrow.

Surviving Your Senior Year Of College From A To Z

6. Delusion

Well I could probably afford this 400 sq. ft. $2,500/month studio on P Street if I don’t eat or drink more than once a month and live off lettuce and ramen….

10 Stages Of Finding Out Your Ex Is In A Relationship

5. Rich

Wait wait wait!! Just “steps” from the White House?! Brand new renovated?! ROOFTOP POOL? 1 BED/1BATH? $1,200??!! Robbery! I’LL TAKE IT!

21 Stages Of Having A Shoe Addiction

4. Poor

Should have known better. Steps from the White House? Actually a 15 minute drive that includes the Anacostia Freeway… ugh. Back to the drawing board.

15 Emotions You'll Feel Your Final Semester Before College Graduation

3.  Bougie (similar to Delusion)

Do I really need all these amenities? I can afford it…right? Yeah. I can. My friends will want to hang out here ALL the time. I won’t spend money because I won’t need to go out! This will become our new bar!

15 Emotions You'll Feel Your Final Semester Before College Graduation

2. Lonely

Who am I kidding? Nobody will want to hang out here it’s awful. I can’t afford this. I need to get roommates. WHO WILL EVEN WANT TO LIVE WITH ME? Help. Mom? Can I come home now?

10 Stages Of Finding Out Your Ex Is In A Relationship

1. Acceptance

Oh. This place will do. I can still drink alcohol, I can still order Seamless. People will sometimes hang out with me here. It’s still overpriced though.

12 Signs Your Desk Is Your Second Home

So, Washingtonians/ennes, enjoy the search. Your sanity will come back eventually.

Let’s Celebrate My Favorite Celebrity Couple…

14 Feb

Happy Valentines Day!

(duh – House of Cards season 2 is out)

I’m a 23 year old female WASP in 2014, it goes without saying that I love love. I went into high school when The Notebook was peaking, and obviously had this lengthy quote  in my ~*MySpAcE*~ profile and thought I praaaaactically WASSSSSSSS Allie and my flavor of the week was Noah. (spoiler: I was not Allie. The 14 year old boy I sometimes kissed in the back of the movie theater was not Noah, womp womp). I went into college with “He’s Just Not That Into You” and quoted it at every opportunity I had, especially when it came to my bitties drunk texting bros.

21 Reasons Ryan Gosling And Rachel McAdams Need To Get Back Together

In the spirit of the holiday, I’m going to share with you my favorite couple of the moment. They make me want to be in love SO BADLY that it’s disgusting. If you follow SR on the twitters (you should, we’re hilarious, le duh), you know that at least one of us has a sick obsession with Chrissy Teigen, and that one of us is me. (woman crush wednesday all day err day over here clearly)

PDA players: Meanwhile, newlyweds Chrissy Teigen and John Legend could not keep their hands and lips off each other, despite playing on opposing teams

After I discovered Chrissy, I re-discovered her equally amazing husband (then boyfriend/fiancee), John Legend. I don’t need many words here, just all of the pictures and links to their twitters. You guys. They. will. rule. the. world. Look at this picture she posted after their super secret nuptials in September…

And the couple together:


Okay so not only are they both extremely attractive, the way they banter and joke and jdff;ldsj;laf OH MY GOD. They’re my new Noah and Allie. Chrissy gets so genuinely excited and giddy over John and his accomplishments that it could melt Regina George’s heart. I think I love them more than I love Bey and J, which is a lot.

John had a wedding album made for Chrissy for Christmas and again, I died. When rumors circulated a few weeks ago that Chrissy was pregnant, I was like, inappropriately excited. A tiny human that looks like both of them with his voice and her humor? FUTURE PRESIDENT. Also, Chrissy’s response to rumors when she was on E! News the next night? A snarky remark about all the tequila she just drank. God love her.

If you haven’t heard John’s song, “All of Me” here are a few things you need to do:

1) Watch his Grammy performance here. They spotlighted Chrissy in the background and it is perfect.

2) Listen to the Tiesto remix and add it to your pregame and elliptical playlists


Anyway. enough of my mouth yapping away at how creepily obsessed I am with 2 strangers, here is some eye candy. I hope you’re all feeling loved today, and if you’re not… I LOVE YOU FOR READING THIS! xoxo

Racy post: Chrissy Teigen, 28, posted a video of herself topless while being held by her 35-year-old husband John Legend on Instagram on Sunday

Opposing teams: Chrissy posted a picture of herself holding her musician husband's hand just before they faced off in the DirecTV Beach Bowl in New York on February 1