Five girls in our twenties, and on our twentieth mimosa of the weekend. DC’s our urban playground, where we make mistakes while we make our way in the world, and get messy while we try to get it all right. Getting it right is optional, getting messy is a rule of the game. You know what we’re talking about.

STOP REQUESTED. It’s what Metrobus riders hear when they pull the yellow cord, the signal that yet another DC public transportation adventure is coming to a close. But the ladies of SR, and all of our 20something sisters in the city, know that Stop Requested has another meaning. It’s the thought that runs through your head around 2 A.M. on Saturday morning, as yet another Georgetown bro proves that when it comes to bedroom arts, boys in their 20s are just that – boys. Stop Requested, you think to yourself, dude’s trying way too hard (or not hard enough, depending on which bar you picked him up at). Stop Requested so I can just fast forward to double-fisting a Bloody Mary and an iced coffee and telling my girlfriends just how bad you were. Or at least check my iPhone.

We’ll request a stop to the bus ride, to bad sex, to terrible boyfriends and to dead-end jobs, but never to the fabulous adventure that is DC in our twenties.

Join the ladies of SR as we perfect dark arts like the office etiquette of work-while-gchatting, the happy hour into Friday night transition (spoiler: just get Chipotle), that walk of shame right into brunch and into the arms of your besties, and, of course, blogging about it all.


CAPITOL JILL: Jill is addicted to politics, filibusters, Doctor Who, period dramas and all things Jane Austen. She can often be found throwing back happy-hour margaritas at T-Coast and trolling for cute democrats. Her weekend activities include bottomless brunching, cooking healthy meals, trying new bars and cleaning up after her messy room mate, Carlos Danger, our GPC (Guest Penis Correspondent).

Jill, who works on the Hill, brings the fiscally conservative and nerdy perspective to this blog (or at least she will try to) while explaining the ups and downs of being an underpaid Hill staffer. Fair warning, dear reader: Do not talk to Jill until she has had her morning coffee, for your own safety.

Jill can be reached at Capitol.Jill.Sr@gmail.com.

STACIE SMACK: She was once quoted saying “I am the S bus line of YoPros in DC”. A self-proclaimed and publicly verified Avocado Whisperer®, Stacie spends most of her time wishing she had things to spend her time on. She will never say no to some sweaty grinding, a shopping excursion, tequila, or a 3am booty call. She keeps a black book of hook-ups, and does not believe in budgets. Thank goodness for Dad’s monthly cash “gifts”.

Having it all is not possible, therefore you will never hear her say she wants babies, a marriage, or a family (until she finds love, and then well, whatever, especially if he’s an NBA player). She hopes to expand her Burlesque Performance Art while becoming Hillary’s top aide in 2016. She doesn’t care – she loves it.

Find her at Stacie.Smack.SR@gmail.com.

BELLE EN ROUTE: Equipped with her favorite scarf and battered passport, Belle has successfully experienced the best and worst DC has to offer. An avid karaoke participant, her repertoire ranges from “Be Our Guest” to “I Want It That Way”.  She suffers from chronic indecisiveness and a serious infatuation of all things British – so please never ask her to choose between Prince Harry and David Tennant.

Daily routines include simultaneously binging on both cheese and Netflix and biking down M street like it’s her job. She will never say never to a drink… unless it contains whiskey. DC is a town full of stories, and fortunately for you, Belle has zero shame in telling them all.

Belle will “blog about it”: Belle.EnRoute.SR@gmail.com.

BROWNOUT BETTY – Betty’s the best and worst decision you’ll make on Friday night. The future Secretary of Great and a card-carrying member of the professional left, she spends her Friday nights on the roof of the Brixton telling anyone who will listen about her favorite lib causes. Buy her a gin rickey (DC’s official drink, obvs) and listen to what she thought about Too Big To Fail, and she’ll go home to AdMo with you (AdMo, not AMo #truefacts). But don’t bother suggesting brunch, because she’s going to get bottomless with the SR ladies (eggs Benedict with a side of complaints about how she’s never getting champagne drunk again #yeahright).

Other stuff: Twitter > Instagram > Snapchat > Facebook, but nothing beats Gchat. Hashtags, gin, #gin. Finding love in a hopeless place, and that place is #thistown.

Brown out with her at: BrownoutBetty.SR@gmail.com.

ANNE BRO-LEYN: If being promiscuous in Pulitzer is wrong, she doesn’t want to be right. For a good portion of 2011, before she had ever set foot there, she truly believed that Sign of the Whale was a Vineyard Vines themed bar (AKA MECCA).

A Chrissy Teigen enthusiast, Anne keeps a mental list of her favorite to least favorite members of the Kardashian family, and members of the United States Senate. Other things that make her happy are: an organized and color coordinated Google Calendar, puppies, shots, red wine, brunch, and boys, in that order (the placement of boys varies from first to last on any given day). She possesses a terrifying ability to potentially keep up with Lil Wayne in a rap battle, and will tweet about it simultaneously without skipping a beat.

A firm believer that if you drive a Prius, you don’t need to tote an Obama sticker because WE GET IT. #WAGONWHEEL.

Bro out at: Anne.Broleyn.SR@gmail.com.


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