Scattered thoughts

16 Jun

By Capitol Jill

I’ve been a bit MIA lately, due to a weird combination of not having anything to say or having too MUCH to say. But here are the random thoughts I’ve been having recently, in no particular order:


1. This article is gold. Titled “7 things to tell yourself when you are single”, it manages to capture my feelings on the subject. I think the girls and I have had this conversation many times. My favorite: you are the most important person in your life.

2. Cat GIFS are the best. This list covers a lot of good ones, if you’re a newbie. Thanks Buzzfeed, this is exactly what I needed during a 12 hour work day! try NOT to laugh while reading this one.

The Best Cat GIF Post In The History Of Cat GIFs

3. I tried to take Stacie‘s advice and say yes to a second date, but the first one was SO BAD. Not just boring, but he reminded me of an ex boyfriend. Nice try, Coffee Meets Bagel.

4. I finally went on a good date this weekend. What made it a good date? I can’t even pinpoint one thing. Conversation flowed, I wasn’t self conscious about being myself, he didn’t assume I was going to sleep with him, and I just had FUN. (It definitely beat Belle’s “just fine” category). Three hours went by, and it felt like thirty minutes. I’m chalking this one up as a success and hoping the next one goes as well!

5. I’ve just caught on to the morning smoothie trend. I am so in.

6. Another cat GIF because MONDAYS.

The 15 Funniest Cat GIFs Of The Summer


P.S. Sadie, my dear cat,  is also mystified by the toilet.


Have a great week!


Capitol Jill


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