you spin me right round baby

13 Jun

Last Saturday after a particularly boozy/bougie brunch, I was jammed in an Uber with three boys from U Street to Virginia. In the approximately thirty minutes it took us to make the 4 mile trip, conversation sure got interesting. By interesting, I don’t mean any part of it had me particularly entertained, but my mood did a serious 360 at the sight of something I have been craving for months…


I hadn’t been in the West End area in quite some time (sorry, no reason to stay at the Ritz or bop around with my [nonexistent] puppy at the dog park), and had only heard rumors and read the various articles about the mythical place. I was thrilled. I started screeching and screaming nonsense that none of the boys cared about, who then started lecturing me about how silly it is to pay $20 to ride a bike inside when I could easily waltz over to Capital Bikeshare and ride one around the Nation’s Capital. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (also I didn’t scold them for their casual underpricing of SC, what they don’t know won’t hurt them).

I’ve gone to spin for quite awhile in DC after trying it out in college and my previous home. I wasn’t a total convert until I realized that the Campaign 15 (20………) wasn’t coming off quite the way I had envisioned, and the DC 15 was eerily close to being a part of my life.

I currently go to spin at a smaller studio, and I’m sure I’ll continue going there even after SC opens because they have 2 locations super convenient for me and the price point is definitely more at my level than SC’s. But you bet I’ll make my fair share of appearances at SC. I went a couple of months without going to spin because my budget was tight, and I just wasn’t feeling terribly motivated for tough workouts in general. Since going back I’ve realized how. much. better. I. feel. I truly do enjoy working out, but in order to make it count, and not just waste 45 minutes aimlessly on the elliptical watching Kardashians, I need motivation. And not in the form of my friend running on the treadmill next to me, in the form of a small, fierce woman screaming at me in a dark room with music so loud I’m thinking about my Abercrombie employment days in 2007.

A lot of my friends have asked me how I make it to spin class at 6am during a stressful work week, or at 8am after a night of shenanigans that didn’t put me to bed until 5am. Well, I buy credits in advance and schedule my workouts for the week on Monday. I’m currently out of credits and am not really in the position to buy a ton right now, so I’ve been slumming it this week in my own gym and I can tell. I’m having trouble sleeping, I’m not as energized, and I’ve STRUGGLED to get in a long workout in the morning, instead sleeping in most days, and running downstairs to the elliptical for 20 minutes and having to go back at night to finish up.

Do y’all have tips for me on how to motivate myself more without dropping so much money on spin classes? I love the workout, but it definitely puts a strain on my wallet. If I could cut down to one class a week and fill in the other days with better, worthwhile workouts on my own, I would be thrilled (but would still definitely miss my classes)! Now that it’s summer and I discovered a tennis court right around the corner, I’m hoping my parents can dig up my high school tennis racket and I can get into playing!

Anybody else looking forward to Soul Cycle’s grand opening?




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