A Very KardashiANNE Meltdown

2 May

It’s happening again….social season; sometimes lovingly referred to as Betty’s hookup season, also known as the time when all DC Yuppies come out of hiding and frequent roof tops and 14th street and plan beach getaways and concerts and #NATITUDE outings etc etc etc, ALSO known as Spring and Summer.

Well folks, I’m stressed. And because I’ve recently re-discovered Kardashian gifs, they’re going to help me out here.


I’ve been a little absent here on the blog, and I absolutely loathe those people who claim to be so busy all the time, but all of a sudden out of nowhere guys, THINGS just started piling on to me! Allow me to outline my last several, and upcoming weekends:

Ohio, Eastern Shore of MD, D.C. but with a gaggle of 2 groups of visitors on the final weekend of Cherry Blossom festival, Chicago, New York, Ocean City, a much needed solo weekend in DC, Florida, Ocean City (while all my friends jet to Myrtle Beach – judging by this schedule, I will not be able to swing it with work), Ohio, Eastern shore of MD. And then it’s the middle of June. And I will inevitably be planning another weekend in New York. Another college reunion. Another wedding.

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It’s always something. While I’m doing all of this traveling, I’m having severe FOMO of life here in D.C. doing all the things I listed above! I’ve been turning down invites and backing out of plans right and left. I truly want to see my friends during the week, but between studying for a certain postgraduate exam and taking a class, looking at grad schools, looking into details of A DIFFERENT postgraduate exam, and work, it’s tough! Betty gave me a friendly reminder that I may be over committing myself, and I don’t need to do everything, and she is most definitely correct.

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I can’t pin point the places I need to cut back. I miss life in D.C., I want to focus on friends, having fun, dating, and shopping, and instead I’m focused on getting a 170, what’s appropriate wedding gift etiquette, my next career move, and wondering how yesterday it was December and I was sitting around doing nothing and now it’s MAY and I already have plans for September. I feel like every time I get everything perfectly planned and together and I have a chance to catch my breath, it’s time to start planning something else.

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I’ve gone through this before, and alas I’ve found myself back here again. How do I deal with my ever-transitioning life? I feel like I just got comfortable in D.C., and now I’m talking about going to school or taking jobs elsewhere come 2015?! YIKES. SOS! HELP! It’s also possible that my constant traveling and stress is stemming from my Karen moment a few months ago (ooo deep!).

Maybe I’ll just take Khloe’s advice. Who wants to rip fireball shots and hook up?

Essential Life Rules The Kardashians Taught The World#brohugs



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