Jill’s #Wins

28 Apr

By Capitol Jill

Hello friends! Ive been posting a lot about things I’m PLANNING to do, so I thought i would do a quick post about what I have actually done! Below are my recent accomplishments, or #wins.

1. Adopted a cat: thats right, I am the proud mama of my very own cat! Her name is TBA, but shes an adorable 5 year old tortie mix. Shes the tiniest cat I’ve ever seen and I love her already. Right now, we are dealing with some separation anxiety issues (i.e. she cries if no one is holding her) but we’re gonna work on that. I just got her Saturday! So Happy. So Adult. Of course, the minute we brought her in, it was clear that Carlos Danger would be her favorite. He isn’t loving that situation, but he’ll get over it.


just LOOK at this beauty. Shes such a lovely lady.

2. Ask for a raise: I did it! My boss said no, but I don’t regret making the ask. I felt empowered by taking control of my career and we had a very fruitful conversation about my work performance and how I can grow in my roll. He had very positive things to say about me, so I guess it went well! Yay to leaning in. (Not that I read that book. Neither did Betty, but she blogged about it anyways!)

3. Not fight with ex  boyfriends: a few weeks ago, I posted about two exes visiting. I’m happy to report that EVERYTHING went well!


Thats whats new in my life. Anything new with all of you?

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Capitol Jill



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