I Don’t Support That: Camo Edition

14 Apr

By Capitol Jill

Flashback to last weekend. Unsuspecting, innocent Jill riding the metro to a friend’s apartment.

Enter: tourists.

Wearing camouflage jackets.

My eyeballs are still scarred.

Behold, the spectacle.


I risked my life to take this picture, folks.

Let’s take a closer look.



Now, I vaguely understanding wearing camo if you are hunting. As in real hunting, not playing Big Buck Hunter while intoxicated at a sports bar (Amirite, Ann?)

But in the city, does this really help you blend in? I don’t think so.


Verdict: I Don’t Support That.



Thanks, Joaquin. Well demonstrated.

What are your thoughts on Camo? Let us know in the comments below!


Capitol Jill


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