Things You Need To Be Considered an Adult, Capitol Jill Version

7 Apr

Inspired by this thought catalog post.

So you think you’re an adult, huh?? How do you know for sure?



One way to measure true adulthood-success is by the things that you own. Not in terms of wealth or having money, but the items around your house that are necessary to be considered a true adult, who mixes drinks with more than orange juice and might just have a dinner party now and again.

To assist in this matter, I present Capitol Jill’s List of 7 Things You Need To Be Considered An Adult.

1. A toolkit – as an adult, you at least need a hammer, some nails, screwdrivers (Philips and flat, and of course you should also know the difference!) and a level. If you want to pull some high-level adult maneuvers, you might want a drill as well. Drilling can actually be very empowering, but avoid mixing with alcohol. Carlos Danger can attest that I have mad drilling skills. Take that, hanging rack!

2. Condoms – you’re an adult, and whether or not you are actively sexual (sexually active?) you should keep these around. If not for yourself, then for the friends who come to stay with you and have weird rabbit sex on your air mattress (thanks guys). They will want condoms, so you gotta have some on hand!

3. Serving bowls – for dips and chips at all the classy parties/pregames you will throw. While it takes zero effort to pour chips in a bowl, it looks approximately 9123810298392 times classier. Same with putting dip in a pretty bowl, instead of leaving it in a Tupperware. Ultimate class. Bonus points if they match, but let’s not go overboard here. P.S. Need a dip to make? try my Taco dip

4. Coasters – for your “fancy” parties, it’s just unacceptable for guests to put their solo cups on the table. COASTERS is a way to say hey, I might be drinking cheap wine out of solo cups, but I have CLASS people. Even if your IKEA laminate table will never get rings because, hey, you didn’t think that was real wood, did you?

5. Artwork – bare walls are SO not chic. Acceptable art can come from: IKEA, flea markets, family members, photos in frames, or things you find on the side of the road. The weirder, the better – people will just think you have great, avante-garde taste

.mean girls animated GIF


6. Pretty storage boxes – because lets be real here, your idea of organization is to put things in boxes so you don’t have to deal with them. If these boxes are pretty, then you can use them as decoration and let people see them! Pretty baskets for your mail, a chest for your winter clothes, or even a special container for your q-tips is SO adult. I aspire to this level of perfection one day. Bonus points if they come from the container store, the perfect place for the OCD freak in all of us.

7. Candles – ultimate in seemingly useless let utterly useful technology. After mocking my mom and her candle parties for years, I finally understand the power that is the perfect candle. It can make your house smell clean and fresh, keeps weird smells out of your bathroom, and makes you look fancy. (Need tips for hosting? check out my list here). Also, candles are a cheap gift to give, but people still use them!


Adult hood is hard enough. These items help.



I hope this list gives you some ideas for adult inspiration. What items do you think are necessary for adulthood? Tweet them @stoprequesteddc!

Have a great week, lovelies. ONE WEEK TILL RECESS!!


Capitol Jill



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