2 Apr

There are a few things I love in life. Some of those things are New Orleans, Chrissy Teigen, wine, and cooking. All 4 of those loves came together beautifully on Saturday when I stumbled upon Chrissy tweeting about wanting to do a #DrunkDinnerParty, where a bunch of psychopaths who are weirdly obsessed with her (read: me) all cook the same meal and tweet about it.

Um, count me in!

I was even MORE excited when the meal Chrissy chose was Jambalaya. HI NOLA! Plus, I had been dying to make jambalaya with the kale and sun dried tomato chicken sausage taking up space in my freezer. Sunday was rainy and lazy, perfect for cooking some warm comfort food. I ventured to the new Trader Joe’s on 14th street first thing Sunday morning (Recommend! I generally shop at Whole Foods, and I was able to find most of what I needed, plus a few extras, for so much cheaper!) for Emeril’s Jambalaya ingredients.

I constantly checked #DrunkDinnerParty and Chrissy’s twitter for updates. A few of my favorite tweets from the day/evening:

There were definitely more, but those are the ones I was sober enough to take screen shots of for the purpose of this post (seriously I got white girl wasted SOLOOOO). Chrissy was planning on starting around 7:30, but I was sleepy, and had a ton to do after dinner, so I decided to get a head start. I opened a bottle of wine and got to work….






Before I knew it, I had finished almost a whole bottle of wine, and SR was a twitter celeb! I was also sweating profusely due to red wine chugging, cooking, and hot sauce in my eyeballs (#oops) (#singlebecause).

Displaying photo3.jpg

Displaying photo5.jpg

I definitely changed some aspects of the recipe. For example, I skipped the andouille sausage and subbed in my kale sun dried tomato chicken sausage, chicken instead of shrimp, used quinoa instead of rice, added okra, and added some unsalted crushed tomatoes in addition to fresh. The finished product:

Displaying photo6.jpg

Had I used a bigger pan (my Le Creuset perhaps), I would have definitely made it a little “soupier”. Overall, it was pretty delicious!! Next time I’ll also leave out most of the thyme from Emeril’s “Bayou Blast”, it was way too overpowering, and I definitely tried to hide it with more hot sauce #ThisGirlWasOnFire.

I hope Chrissy does this again! At first I thought it was super delusional and what the fuck I was spending my Sunday night cooking a meal via twitter with other people equally obsessed with Chrissy as I? Still feeling a little delusional about it but HEY, I got an awesome meal, I got red wine drunk on Sunday, a bunch of twitter followers, and Chrissy Teigen retweeted me so basically, 2014 made.

I’ll be back to broing out next week.





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