I Call Little Spoon

12 Mar

To snuggle or not to snuggle… that has never been the question.

I am that girl who has zero desire to leave the morning after I stay the night at someone else’s place. I will take my time waking up in the morning, periodically fall back asleep, and Oh, what’s that? You’re hungry? Let’s go make brunch!!! But first… LET’S SNUGGLE!

I have my list of favorite things… and snuggling happens to be one of them (along with cheese, gifs of David Tennant, margaritas, babies, and Star Wars). ***Why does cheese always make appearances in like every single one of my posts??

I know that there are snuggle-haters… and truly, I can’t relate to your kind. i don't understand how you are happy gif

Snuggling is my automatic response if I am in bed. I will snuggle with boys, friends, stuffed animals, oversized sweatshirts, and if nothing else, my pillow. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, or whether there was previously or will be future “kissing, etc”. If I’m laying down, I want arms, legs, covers, whatever entangled around me. And yes… I call Little Spoon.

Snuggling gives me a sense of protection and calm, which I know sounds dumb to the anti-snugglers. But I love the metaphorical feeling of warmth whenever I go to bed (especially since my apartment lacks any form of actual heat). Nothing will make me happier than to lay in bed wrapped up with someone on a Saturday morning until roughly 11:59am.

What’s really wonderful is whenever you perfect the art of snuggling (yes this is a thing) with one individual. Because let’s be honest, there are some guys who are just not good at it! To me, that’s a deal breaker… along with snoring. If you’re fidgety, or stiff, or can’t figure out the geometry of putting your left arm under my neck and the other around my side, then I think I’ll be on my way.

But with others, it’s like you’re part of a puzzle. His upper arm is the exact right size to rest your head on, and your bodies match up like you’re giving the perfect hug. This is snuggling perfection. And it is incredibly high up on my list of attributes for any future relationship.

Achieving this ultimate snuggle position is not difficult. In fact, you can usually tell a reasonable snuggler just based on the size ratio of your body to his. Bros with massive arm muscles are going to be a little rough. Usually it’s too bulky and you end up having to move his arm from underneath you because your back/neck/whatever he is under is uncomfortably arched an extra 5 inches off the bed. However, the skinny boys make you feel like you’re cuddling with a clothing hanger. And as an advocate of being the little spoon, I prefer my men to be at least slightly larger than me. Call it a personal preference…

Other telling signs that you may be approaching a not-so-pleasant snuggling experience are the following:

– People that breathe loudly. They’re bound to snore and/or deeply inhale your hair as you attempt sleep.
– Someone who is noticeably already lacking enough deodorant. His pits will be far too close to your face to deal with that for an entire night.
– The same goes for anyone with bad breath. Again… save yourself. Faces will be close.
– Anyone wearing camo, jorts, or crocks when you meet them. Because… that just should never be an option.

For roughly 5 years I was fortunate enough to have a (now ex-)boyfriend who excelled at snuggling. He was over 6 foot, an average body size, with just enough muscle to keep things interesting. We perfected snuggling in all of its forms – spooning, on the couch, outside, in an airport, on our backs, etc etc etc. I could fall asleep in minutes with him, and in all those years, I can count the number of times I was uncomfortable on maybe one hand. Against our better judgement, we still meet up occasionally. And maybe it’s because I miss the security of being in his arms, or the warmth and comfort that I know I’ll feel when he is next to me… but I can’t seem to stop him from coming around.

That, dear readers, is the only problem I have with snuggling. Once you find the right one, it’s hard to walk away.

However, I’m not letting that deter me. I’m sure there are other expert-snugglers that will fit like a puzzle piece, not just in my covers, but in my life. And that is, after all, the ultimate goal.

Good luck,


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