Review: Courthouse Movie Theater

5 Mar

Movies have taken over my life this past week.

I’ve watched everything ranging from Oscar winners (The Kids Are All Right) to sex-ness (anything with Channing Tatum’s shirt ripped partially open) even to something directed by Madonna (W./E.)… My knee surgery has put me in the midst of cinema bliss – armed with my extra strength tylenol and vicodin, I have pretty much burned holes in my eye sockets while eating cookie dough and stretching out on my couch.

However, I did manage to venture out of my apartment at one point… if only to watch another movie… with my Mom over the weekend. And I believe this place deserves a round of applause.

The AMC Courthouse Movie Theater. (YES it’s in Virginia. It’s 2 stops away from Foggy Bottom. Is it really that far…?)

Literally the best movie theater I have ever been to. Ever.

First of all, there’s the size of the individual theaters. They’re just right! They have achieved the perfect balance of home viewing and cinema with roughly 40 chairs in each room. There are no “bad seats” where you feel like your neck is straining to get a good view. And the rows are spread out enough that you aren’t bumping elbows with someone to reach for the twizzlers to your right.

But let’s get to the real belle of the ball here… THE SEATS. They are, by far, the best movie theater seats in DC. Wonderfully leather, soft and relaxing… and they RECLINE! Just push a little button below your cup holder  and the chair begins to lean back as the legs begin to rise. For someone who has her leg in an immovable knee brace, this was simply heavenly. Also, you can bring your own blankets and pillows to achieve maximum movie perfection!

The range of movies may not be quite as large as some of the bigger movie theaters in DC, but it covers most of your blockbusters. And price-wise, it’s what I like to call movie theater-reasonable. I prefer the matinees because they’re a few bucks cheaper, and I can still indulge on my nightly weekend activities afterwards.

But seriously… it’s the seats. That’s what makes this place worth going back to. It’s like paying to snuggle… by yourself… while watching a movie… which you could do on your couch… for free… without pants.


Well, you get my drift.


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