The Rent Is Too Damn High

28 Feb

I’m moving tomorrow! Hooray! But, within the same building. Womp womp. To a nicer apartment! Yay! Still pricey. Booooo. I live in pretty NW DC. Perfect for my commute, not terrible for getting anywhere else (although my friends often complain about the trek…it ain’t that bad guys!), and I have a pool, gym, washer and dryer in unit, NOW granite counter tops, wood floors, etc etc, for a reasonable (for DC) price AND my closet(s) actually resembles this:

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Initially, I wanted to move to Logan Circle/Dupont area. I had so many reasons: close to going out, close to friends, close to all metro lines, close to restaurants, etc. And I found a perfect building. Not too expensive for the area, sacrificed a lot of amenities, but definitely doable – I recognize I’m living the serious high life currently, and I could scale back. That didn’t work out. Then came the question, should I get a roommate? Couldn’t find anybody who was willing to move out at that point, and I certainly wasn’t going month to month on my current lease, as that price would SKYROCKET. So, I decided to stay where I am-ish.

I looked for a LONG TIME before I made this decision, and I’m still KIND OF unsure about it. Finding housing in DC should absolutely be added to Dante’s Inferno. THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH. If you’re entering the apartment search in the District, here are 10 things you can expect to feel:

10. Optimism

OOOOOHH so many red pins on pad mapper in my price range in the general area hooray!!

21 Stages Of Having A Shoe Addiction

9. Confusion

What do you mean all 4 of these pins are for the same craiglist ad with no pictures and a studio advertised as a 1BR/1BA?

8. Stress

Ugh none of these are perfect they’re all ugly and moldy and WHAT? WINDOW AIR MAY BE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST?

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7. Exhaustion

It’s 3am?! I started this process at 7pm! I’ll just try to take a nap and finish at work tomorrow.

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6. Delusion

Well I could probably afford this 400 sq. ft. $2,500/month studio on P Street if I don’t eat or drink more than once a month and live off lettuce and ramen….

10 Stages Of Finding Out Your Ex Is In A Relationship

5. Rich

Wait wait wait!! Just “steps” from the White House?! Brand new renovated?! ROOFTOP POOL? 1 BED/1BATH? $1,200??!! Robbery! I’LL TAKE IT!

21 Stages Of Having A Shoe Addiction

4. Poor

Should have known better. Steps from the White House? Actually a 15 minute drive that includes the Anacostia Freeway… ugh. Back to the drawing board.

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3.  Bougie (similar to Delusion)

Do I really need all these amenities? I can afford it…right? Yeah. I can. My friends will want to hang out here ALL the time. I won’t spend money because I won’t need to go out! This will become our new bar!

15 Emotions You'll Feel Your Final Semester Before College Graduation

2. Lonely

Who am I kidding? Nobody will want to hang out here it’s awful. I can’t afford this. I need to get roommates. WHO WILL EVEN WANT TO LIVE WITH ME? Help. Mom? Can I come home now?

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1. Acceptance

Oh. This place will do. I can still drink alcohol, I can still order Seamless. People will sometimes hang out with me here. It’s still overpriced though.

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So, Washingtonians/ennes, enjoy the search. Your sanity will come back eventually.


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