Tasty Political Dramas

24 Feb

By Capitol Jill

*warning- GIF heavy*

So you’ve watched House of Cards by now, right?


Have you been living under a rock?

It’s alright, we all make mistakes.

For those of you who HAVE seen House of Cards, and are obsessed with it (like I am), I thought I would put together a list of my other favorite political TV shows, many of which are also available to binge watch on Netflix. If you loved HOC, give these guys a try!

The West Wing – a classic look at American politics through the White House of President Bartlett, the only democratic president I would ever vote for. This show looks at all sides of politics – the press, the administration, dealings with Congress, public scandal, and also the way that politics seems to seep into and consume staffers’ everyday lives.

Best Characters: Everyone. But especially.. Josh Lyman.

And CJ Cregg.

Side note: my goal in life is to be Ainsley Hayes. She is amazing. My role model.

VEEP – Laugh-out-loud funny, this show follows Julia Louis Dreyfus as a sarcastic, witty Vice President. This show focuses on the ridiculous side of politics – the conflicts between the VP and the POTUS, the events that Press cover, and mocks internal office politics. Unless you have HBO, you have to find this one illegally, but it is worth it.

Favorite quote:

Also, the Return of Buster Bluth!! As Gary, my new favorite Body Man.

Party Animals – a one-season treat, this British comedy looks into the world of MPs in Britain, featuring Matt Smith (my favorite Doctor!) and lots of cocaine and booze. It’s a bit harder to follow if you aren’t intimately familiar with British politics, but you’ll find it entertaining no matter what.

Sadly there is only one season, so you can gobble this up in a day or two, like Betty and I did this fall.

Also there’s sex. Inter-party sex. With British accents. Need I say more?

This is merely a sampler platter of political shows. Tweet at us if you love them!


Capitol Jill


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