Taco Dip for a Crowd

3 Feb

By Capitol Jill

Happy Super Bowl Hangover, everyone!


Today I thought I would share with you one of my favorite recipes for party food, if you can even call it a recipe!

I cannot take credit for coming up with this myself, but I honestly can’t trace its source either. A quick Google search brings up dozens of examples. I saw a recipe similar to this on the back of a taco seasoning packet once, and I had a friend in high school that made a similar dish. Some people call this “7 layer dip” and use, you guessed it, seven distinct layers. However, I’ve adapted it over the years and I honestly make it different each time. Keep in mind I don’t really measure, I just go by feeling.

You can also make this semi-healthy by using swaps like Greek yogurt for the sour cream, light cream cheese, and light cheese. Seasoned ground beef is also good on top, as would be some avocado!

Jill’s Taco Dip



1 Packet of taco seasoning mix (spicy, mild, whatever floats your boat)

1 18oz container sour cream

1 package of cream cheese



Black Beans

Lettuce (something crunchy, like iceberg)


Cheddar cheese

Green onions

Green chilies (canned is easiest)

Red onions


To make this dip, all you do is mix together the taco seasoning, cream cheese and sour cream until its well combined. This goes in the bottom layer of your dish. On top, I like to spread my salsa out in a nice even layer as well, for even spiciness. On top of this, layer the toppings as you would like! I recommend beans and heavier items, like tomatoes, on the bottom, and lettuce and cheese being the last additions.

I serve this with tortilla chips, but you could also use vegetables or even eat it with a spoon. I wouldn’t judge you.

I took this dip to Belle’s Super Bowl party, and I think it was a hit! And it honestly couldn’t be easier.

If you try it out, tweet us a picture of your creation @stoprequesteddc.

Happy munching!https://i2.wp.com/25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lqd1r4g21k1qii6tmo1_500.gif


Capitol Jill


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