Review: Brunch at Teddy and the Bully Bar

22 Jan

This past weekend was spent celebrating MLK Day Capital Jill’s birthday in every way possible. Naturally, this included a surprise house party, H street, U street, glow in the dark drinks, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and (of course) brunch. We wanted to try somewhere new, so we made reservations at Teddy and the Bully Bar.

We arrived at noon for a bottomless brunch that lasted until 3:30. A fairly generous amount of time to consume every food item on the menu and at least 10 mimosas and 2 bloody’s. Or at least that was the goal. We aren’t bottomless noobies so we wanted to take it slow in order to avoid the 2:30 vomit feeling.

The atmosphere was lively to say the least – complete with a DJ who played a continuous stream of upbeat music which, although it immediately spiked up our energy, sometimes made it really difficult to hear each other without shouting across the table.

Service… Hmm… the service. I arrived about 15 minutes after the rest of the group, so I missed the initial drink and food orders. However, the waiter, who, I’ll just say it, was a dick, didn’t make his way back to our table for at least 25 minutes. And even after I ordered my first Bloody Mary, I didn’t actually have it in my hands until after 1 pm! Now, I’m fine with paying $40 plus for bottomless drinks and food – but I would like a drink in my hand. Constantly. I am certainly not willing to wait over an hour for my First Drink. And after that, my refills better be more than once every half hour! Needless to say, I put my grouchy pissed off face on… very visibly. Maybe the death stares to our waiter is what changed his tune about how frequently he visited our table from that point on. Because after that, our mimosa glasses never stayed empty for long.

As for the food… it was decent. Five orders of mac n’ cheese around the table, smoked salmon, and BLT grilled cheese certainly do go down well. But I also can’t say that it compares to the incredible food I’ve had at other bottomless brunches, like Agora and Ambar. So I guess I can just say… I’ve had better?

And finally, there’s the people. There were some solid weekly brunch crews that managed to find their way to Teddy and the Bully Bar. Lots of GW grads, yo-pros, and classy ladies in their early 30’s. Particularly, we noticed a table that we simply referred to as “The Beautiful People”. Their hair was perfectly curled and newly trimmed – whereas we wore baseball hats to cover up our hair that still probably had beer particles in it. When they laughed, they covered their mouth with their hands – we broke a mimosa glass 45 minutes in and couldn’t breathe from laughing so hard. They wore Burberry, we wore plaid and leggings. They smelled like Calvin Klein and champagne. Or… at least that’s how I imagine they smelled – I didn’t actually get that close. They were the epitome of bougie brunchers. But that’s what Teddy’s is… it’s definitely a bougie brunch place. Not for the likes of us who want to act a little less formal on Sunday afternoons.

Going Out In College Vs. Going Out Now

Will I go back? Eh. Maybe. But let’s be honest… I’d rather spend less money on bottomless drinks at Southern Hospitality and enjoy their food a lot more. All the while not being privately judged for (maybe too loudly) talking about the British guy’s pimple from the night before.

Belle’s rating: C… unless you wanna bouge it up.


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