Don’t You Worry Child

21 Jan

by Stacie Smack

One of our very own here at SR pointed me to an article published by the New York Times that celebrates the lessons learned during two decades of what she describes as solitary years.

The short story is that in her 40’s, she takes the leap, moves in with a boyfriend of six months, and eventually is married and relatively happy. She’s obviously now able to look back and see that being single for the majority of two decades was not a only a bad thing, and that this had a lot to do with the success of her current relationship. Huzzah!

I rolled my eyes too at first. But don’t give up yet.

Honestly, her article is pretty fantastic, and you should read it. Unlike everything I write (and Jezebel writes), this article is not about having sarcastic, cynical things to say about relationships or singledom. It’s a relatively charming love story with a fairy tale ending that reminds you that spinsterhood is not your destiny, and that being in a relationship does not mean you’re giving up as an independent woman.

As a 20-something year old who generally has similar thoughts to those mentioned in the article, I appreciate every opportunity that reminds that I’m still a child with so many years of life still ahead of me, and that what’s happening right now is me learning, growing, and becoming The Real Me, or whatever. Just because I read this and this, I should not be writing now as if this is the culmination of my romantic experiences. This is just the beginning of a long, long, journey, and I plan on enjoying it. 

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