New Year, New Blog

10 Jan

I’ve had a long time blog crush on Carly over at The College Prepster, and another favorite is one of her besties, Mackenzie (p.s. Mackenzie’s online boutique, Design Darling, is TO DIE, I’ve been trying to justify monogrammed acrylic trays in every color for every season but hey, DC paycheck).

Both Mackenzie and Carly have offered me serious inspiration over the years. College, transitioning to “The Real World”, working, moving to a new city, clothes, boys, owning a puppy, and everything in between. So, although Carly and Mackenzie will ALWAYS have my heart on those topics, I made some New Years Resolutions, and thus begins, my newest life inspiration:

Meet Catherine of “Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth”


OH. MY. GOD. Oh my god. omigod. I am OBSESSED with this blog.

Belle and I have been determined to kick the DC 15 and get healthier in general. I’ve always been good about including plenty of fruits and veggies in my diet, but as of late I’ve been really failing. Ugh. So anyway. I was conducting research about cleanses and/or clean eating and stumbled upon RFFMBT.

Seriously? Catherine is amazing. SO inspirational and incredibly realistic. Do you want to know when I discovered Catherine’s blog? Last Saturday. Do you know the last time I ate anything processed aside from cottage cheese/greek yogurt/almond milk/a small portion of mozzarella cheese last night? Last Friday. Do you know how I feel?


absofreakinglutely incredible.

I’ve been eating perfectly proportioned egg whites, quinoa, veggies, fruits, steel cut oats, and they are DELICIOUS. Best of all? I feel FULL. I’ve tried out a bunch of her recipes, and invented a few of my own. I’m putting chia in pretty much everything.

for real this is probably growing in my stomach

I’ve had a HORRIFIC week at work that’s included nearly 12 hour days, working last weekend, and just not a fantastic situation and you know what? I’ve handled it so. well. I have plenty of energy, I’m not distracted, I haven’t been getting the post-lunch drag, and I’m still working out in the mornings and coming home EXCITED to cook myself a healthy meal. Leaving my problems behind at work (or in my laptop when I finally shut it) has never been easier.

I’m telling you guys, this is not just a resolution. I’m making a #change (says every resolutionist on January 10th), and it’s all thanks to Catherine. We’ve all seen the commercials and read the blogs of “miraculous” diets, but Catherine’s story is just so REAL. Stay tuned for progress and updates, I’m truly feeling so wonderful that I can’t imagine going back to eating Chipotle twice a week and dining out with my co-workers every day. I encourage you all to go visit Catherine for some inspiration, be it health related or just in life, she seems like an absolute doll.

In other news, hi it’s a new year and I’m ever so thankful for my amazing friends and I’m trying to do a better job of showing it this year. Belle is a real sweetheart and is hosting all of us for dinner on Saturday. Now, Belle has a couple favorite foods, and Catherine happens to have a great recipe for one of them. I made it tonight and I can’t WAIT to give it to her!!

Anybody have good resolutions that they’re hoping to finally stick to this year? Any other great “clean” lifestyle blogs to share with me?



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