Boys and Their Scarves

8 Jan

Thank you, Polar Vortex.

As much as I dreaded leaving my apartment to enter the gaping wind tunnel that is my walk to the metro, I did have one thought that kept me going.

Something warm, and soft… long and thick… Attached to seemingly every attractive man that I passed by…


It’s common knowledge that girls, myself in particular, adore scarves – in all of their magnificent forms. But I don’t think it’s been discussed how attractive I find the men that wear them.

(And there are soooo many more…)

Bask in this ladies… Bask in the glory that is the knitted neck protector.

Is it just me, or is this post making you a little hot?

I think the most beautiful thing about the marf (male-scarf) phenomenon is that it doesn’t just apply to celebrities! Your average DC fella flings one over their shoulder and looks DAMN FINE.

I find myself walking to work surrounded by yo-pros of all shapes, sizes, and ages… and the large majority have decided to taunt me in their plaid, patterned, woolen neckware… standing on the corner of 15th and K looking like a friggin J Crew model. Hold. Me. Back.

I have a problem ladies… What’s a girl to do??

I know this cold weather won’t last forever. Before we know it, these same bros who look so devilishly classy in their winter attire will trade them in for boat shoes and pastel button downs. So I’m going to take advantage of it while I can.

I am making it my goal to take as many mental pictures of these boys and their scarves for as long as I’m stuck in this arctic tundra. And somehow, I think it’ll keep me a little bit warmer…

I feel it is only appropriate to end this post with a few more pictures of the guy who, undoubtedly pulls off the marf better than pretty much any other dude around.

You stay perfect, Mr. Cumberbatch.

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