… And A Happy New Year

31 Dec

I’ve seen a lot of people posting on Facebook and Twitter saying things like “Thank God the year is over”, “2013 can suck it”, “Can’t wait to forget the past 12 months”. And I remember seeing the exact same statements last December.

There have been many moments where I felt like saying the same thing… 2013 has definitely given me some low moments. I lost two of the most important people in my life. My grandfather who passed away over Thanksgiving weekend, and a (sometimes it seems like it is still ongoing) breakup with my boyfriend of 5 years which still leaves me crying in the shower. I’ve dealt with pushy co-workers, painful and regrettable hookups, (un?)explainable weight gain, and a serious knee injury that will carry repercussions well into 2014. Oh – Let’s not forget the obscene amount of money that I now have to spend on rent, student loans, and insurance…

But I’m also not blind to the fact that 2013 gave me plenty of reasons to smile. I was offered an incredible job that will provide nothing but amazing opportunities for my future. I moved out of my mother’s house to a brand new city with my own apartment. I met incredible friends – some of which I started a kinda cool blog with. And I’d like to think that even though I have plenty of immature stories to recall, I’ve grown up quite a bit… Not to mention the fact that I have discovered the world’s best burrito place.

So how do I describe 2013? Should I be cynical and angry about all the negativity that has encompassed the year, or do I blindly look at only the positive milestones? I think the answer, dear readers, is to look at it for what it is. A year.

2013 isn’t black and white. We can’t just look at an entire 12 months from one perspective. We’re young adults now. There will no longer be any years where only good things or only bad things seem to happen. We have a real-world life to deal with – bright careers that will undoubtedly have their failures, funerals and weddings, heartbreaks and hopeless love. Things just aren’t simple anymore. And eventually we must learn to accept that for every lovely memory that we hold in our past, there will be an equally sad one on the other end.

We have just a few more hours until 2014 begins. What does that really mean? Not much. When we get down to it, January 1st is going to be no different than today. It’s a New Year, but in all honesty, it’s just a new day.

So raise a glass, dear readers. To an entire year that you’ve made it through, and a brand new one that is waiting around the corner. Yes, I’m happy 2013 is over, because it was rough. But it was also strangely beautiful – as every year moving forward should be.

Happy New Year from all of us at Stop Requested!


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