Capitol Jill’s Gift Guide for the Underpaid 20-Something

9 Dec

by Capitol Jill

With the holidays upon us,  every website and blog is featuring their gift lists. Even Cloture Club jumped on the bandwagon, listing all the things Congress has given us (which, by the way, is a bit unfair – those form letters take a long time to write!)

I love reading these, because it can be really challenging to come up with JUST the right gift for everyone on your list. Now, I won’t reveal what I am purchasing for others, but I decided to share a list of the things I am asking for, perfect for any 20-something who just makes rent. Here it is!

The Perfect Gift Guide

  1. Clothes – The thing we always want, but can never afford! Especially when you have to work in a corporate/conservative environment, we often spend all of our clothing budget on work-appropriate/BORING attire. Its nice to get help with outfitting ourselves to take on the workplace, but its equally as nice to get fun weekend clothes that we can actually enjoy.
  2. Warm Pajamas – similar to #1, warm flannel/fleece PJs are excellent for sleeping, lounging, and living if you don’t want to turn your heat up very high
  3. Cooking tools/appliances  — “Try to domesticate ya”  worries aside, things like crock-pots and blenders are really useful when you’re trying to feed yourself on a budget. The crock pot is my personal favorite – set it, forget it, and come home to a real dinner. Makes the house smell great too! I recommend this small one if you are only cooking for one or two.
  4. Wine glasses, mugs, and glass tumblers – nice cups are fun to have, especially when your cupboard is stocked with cheap bar glasses your klepto-friend has taken for you. Also, nice wine glasses aren’t going to shatter in your hand, and you will look fancy when friends come over!
  5. Credit card/student loan payments – Give your young adult the gift of fiscal solvency this holiday season!
  6. Train/plane/bus tickets – Travelling home for the holidays can be expensive, so these types of gifts are fantastic.
  7. Cash – bar money, anyone?
  8. Alcohol— pretty self-explanatory, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while now.

25 Signs Alcohol Is Your Significant Other

8. Tech products – Something we won’t buy ourselves, but really want to have and will love to receive. Things like laptops and tablets and new phones make our lives easier, but it’s often hard to justify buying these things when you need to go drinking with your friends and have bottomless brunches.

9. Gym membership – if you can do it in a way that does NOT imply the recipient needs to loose weight, more power to you (my parents have yet to master this). The DC 15 is real, people. Work it off.

Thats it! I hope this helps you find the perfect present for someone in your life. What do you want to receive this Christmas/holiday season?


Capitol Jill

One Response to “Capitol Jill’s Gift Guide for the Underpaid 20-Something”

  1. karenleahansen December 9, 2013 at 11:56 am #

    Every year, I have flannel Pj’s ( The Dreamer set) from Victoria Secret on my list. They are so ridiculously comfortable. I live in them all winter.

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