If Congress was Animal House

6 Dec

Imagine Congress as the fraternities at Faber College…

“I pledge allegiance, to the Frat…”

Dean Wormer is Harry Reid, and the brown nosing Omega President Greg Marmalard is Nancy Pelosi. You think “Double Secret Probation” is rough? Try going nuclear on the underdogs.

It’s quite obvious that Ted Cruz is Bluto, as his horrific performances give Delta a bad name, and John McCain is Otter, the disapproving elite who was almost the leader. But, when it comes down to it they’re #brothers working for the same cause.

NBD, just Bluto being destructive

“You can’t hold a whole fraternity responsible for the behavior of a few, sick twisted individuals” – John McCain Otter

John Boehner is Robert Hoover, the Delta president, often complacent, trying to please the Dean, while keeping up appearances, face time, and shenanigans with his #bros. He gets the support he needs where he needs it, and when he needs it.

Last but not least, I know he’s not in Congress but…. can we call Chris Christie Flounder? He’s the lovable (HA) “new” guy who gets along with everybody! 

We can all learn from Flounder!

113th Congress?

Who would you name as Deltas, Omegas, or other Faber characters? I’ll add the best submissions!


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    […] not gallivanting my little college town anymore, something I often forget since DC can sometimes be one big frat party. I was also sick. Very very sick. The doctor banned me from “strenuous activity” which […]

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