The Best Responses to Cosmo’s Bizarre #BonerQuestions Thing

5 Dec

So, uh, this happened yesterday, because someone gave Cosmo a Twitter account and some cracked out assistant digital editor was a little too overzealous in their Monday morning meeting on How To Reach the Youths:

But because the Internet is great, this spawned a number of fabulous responses. For your reading pleasure, here are our top picks:

Cosmo has been good-natured about it all though, retweeting some of these and generally engaging with the Twitter trolls. They even came up with a hashtag that all of us at SR can definitely believe in: 

BONER TAKEOVER, Y’ALL! Because this post couldn’t get any more irreverent, watch this video and picture a giant (erect, obvi) penis in DJ Khaled’s place. Because it’s Thursday.

Love you bitches,

Brownout Betty

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