Christmas Top 10

2 Dec

By Capitol Jill

Its safe to say I am officially obsessed with Christmas. I have been secretly listening to Christmas tunes since right after Halloween, which for some reason people get REALLY uptight about!

What are they thinking? Oh no, shes enjoying the season of peace love and joy too soon. HOW DARE SHE?

Calm down, people. I listen to these glorious melodies in the summer too.

Why should an entire genre of music be restricted to only one month before the Christmas holiday? For me, its more about the SEASON of Christmas than the day itself, anyways.

But NOW I can come out and say, Christmas time!


Now that I am officially allowed to let my Christmas freak-flag fly, I proudly present a list of my top 10 favorite Christmas songs. Considering I have over 700 in my iTunes library, it was hard to narrow down. But these are the essentials that I can’t live without.

10. All I want For Christmas Is You, Mariah Carey

Is any explanation necessary? So fun.

Even better: the version from Love, Actually.

9. Step Into Christmas, Elton John

Best Line:So merry christmas one and all, theres no place I’d rather be

8. (Everybody’s Waiting for) The Man with the Bag, Kay Starr

Best Line: Ol’ Mister Kringle, soon gonna jingle the bells that will tingle all your troubles away!

Who doesn’t love some jingle in their holidays? I first heard this song in a Macy’s commercial, but that doesn’t make it any less special. Its got a classic sound and its upbeat.

7.Up on the Housetop, Jackson 5

Best line: Did you give Santa Clause my list? ‘Bout the girls you’re waiting to kiss? Man, that list was only a joke! Too late, Germaine, hes bringing you mistletoe!

No explanation needed. Vintage Michael, all the feelings.

6. Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town, Bruce Springsteen (live version, always)

 Because everyone needs a Santa/cowboy hat Hybrid

Best line: the exchange with Clarence about the new saxophone. Perfection.

5.Believe, Josh Groban (Polar Express Soundtrack)

Amazing song! While it comes from The Polar Express, a movie which, while it does have creepy Nazi-like elf formations, also is a touching story of never forgetting the magic of childhood and the magic of the holidays.

4. It Feels Like Christmas, Muppet Christmas Carol

Best line: A part of childhood we always remember, it is the summer of the soul in December

Favorite moments: the babies in the beginning, Michael Caine dancing like a senile old man, the little mice, dance sequence at the end. Also, everything.

3. Baby, Its Cold Outside, Zooey Deschenel and Leon Redbone (ELF version!)

While I’ve never heard a version of this song I don’t like, this is my favorite, because Zooey is my spirit animal. Other acceptable versions  include this Glee version.

2. Petit Papa Noel, Josh Groban

Amazing in every way. Josh Groban’s amazing voice, classic french tune, and so powerful to listen to.

1. One More Sleep Till’ Christmas, Muppet Christmas Carol

Hands down, my favorite song from my favorite Christmas movie of all time. Sometimes I cry when this comes on, it fills me with so many emotions. Remembering how I felt as a child, the night before Christmas, unable to sleep because I was so excited. I still feel the magic, and this song captures that perfectly.


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