Gracias DC… Stay Classy

26 Nov

by Stacie Smack

Thanksgiving makes me uncomfortable. All the warmth makes me sweat uncontrollably. I like to keep things at a cool 45 F where there’s no threat of melting. Anyways, here are 10 things I am thankful about while living in DC:

1. Brunch –  the most effective way to forget the man who’s bed you just left and last name don’t know.

2. Crowded commuter metro – so many people and so many smells, nobody notices when you accidentally fart or forget to put deodorant.

3. Sign of the Whale – the perfect mix of dancing, alcohol, and desperation.

4. Plan B – now sold over the counter!

5. Jumbo Slice/Sol – the weight I’ve added and the number of clothes I’ve had to buy because of it may be single-handedly keeping the US economy afloat.

6. This guy – for reminding me that I probably will never be able to turn down a $3 billion offer.

7. Netflix – I don’t think I’ve finished a single book this year, but I have rewatched Gossip Girl three times now. Grad school get ready!

8. My overpriced rent – at least it helps me make sure I don’t spend too much on new clothes! Or food…

9. WebMD’s discretion and lack of pictures – it makes googling “pre ejaculation fluid” at work much less risky.

10. “Black Friday” now starting at 8pm on Thursday – and America continues to charm me day by day.


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