There’s so much to be thankful for

25 Nov

By Capitol Jill

This week at Stop Requested, we are each going to write about something we are thankful for, to remember that although men suck, we’re underpaid, and life is hard, there are good things about life!

Its so easy to dwell on the negative things in my life, the daily struggles and the constant stress. Body issues, money issues, friend issues, single-dom issues – it gets REALLY HARD to be an adult!

Especially in the winter. I get SAD (aka Seasonal Affective Disorder) when its dark before I leave work.

But lately I’ve been trying to remember exactly what I have to be thankful for. Cheesy Thanksgiving table cliche aside, multiple studies show that remembering the positive, uplifting parts of your life really do make you a happier person.

So, in the spirit of the season (and to combat SAD), I decided to jot down what I am most thankful for.

Suggested music while reading: Thankful by Josh Groban.

…So what am I most thankful for?…

My friends!

Moving to DC right after college was HARD, guys. I had lived in the same dorm with pretty much the same people for four years. In fact, I always lived on the same floor! In a small, sleepy college town. All my friends were less than a 10 minute walk (or 5 minute drive) away. After heading home for exactly three days, I packed up and moved to DC. I’m not gonna lie, it was really lonely at first.

Sure,  I had my job, and my coworkers were great. But without my usual support network, I found myself staying in bed on the weekends and watching Netflix instead of going out and living my life.

But you know what? Things got better. I reached out to everyone I knew in the city, from all parts of my life. I decided I would make a new circle of friends, a new DC family.

These days, I feel so blessed to have such good friends. If this blog is any evidence, these girls are pretty fabulous. How did I get so lucky? I get to live with my best friend, Carlos Danger. I get to be with Betty, Stacey, Belle and Anne at least once a week. I have so many great people in this city to support me, comfort me, and buy  me Ben and Jerry’s.

And to my other friends all over the city? Thanks for making my life rock, no matter how broke or dateless I am.

Girls, I love you.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Capitol Jill


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