How To Survive (Chapter 1): The Birthday Weekend

20 Nov

How To Survive is a new and recurring blog topic/theme that all of us SR ladies will be taking on at some point (similar to I Don’t Support That). Given the timing, I thought it would be appropriate to have the first one be about Surviving Birthdays.

As some of you may have seen via twitter, previous blog posts, or just sheer intuition that something ridiculous was happening, my birthday is today!

Although I fully intend on partying like a rockstar tonight (Karaoke craziness at Hill Country – be there), the celebration of my birth actually began on Thursday with a spontaneous happy hour with co-workers. It swiftly continued into Friday and Saturday with a quadruple birthday party for a few different November babies, and tentatively ended on Sunday with my leg in a knee brace and a popsicle in hand.

Although I am alive today to see myself actually reach the bright age of 24, clearly my weekend left me a little less functioning than when I started out. Thus, I have decided to recount some of the top experiences of this past week and ponder what I did right, and where I probably could have prepared better.

1. DO: Celebrate multiple times! I, like many, did not actually have a “weekend” birthday this year. Which meant I felt the need to celebrate Thursday-Saturday and today, each time with a different group. This works out perfectly when you are trying to spend time with different groups of friends. Because let’s be honest, it generally sucks mixing friend groups. The last thing you want to be responsible for (*ahem* actually you shouldn’t be responsible for anything) on your birthday is dodging between each group to make sure everyone is entertained.

2. DON’T: Unknowingly enter an all night drinking fest with co-workers without being prepared. Spontaneous birthday happy hours are awesome. Don’t get me wrong. But whenever your co-workers decide to take you out on Thursday and you manage to make it to 4 different bars before 11pm, maybe think about just how badly you want that next birthday shot at Mighty Pint. Because you have to rally for the following day… and ain’t nobody got time for a hungover birthday b-iotch.

3. DO: Be friends with awesome party planners. Capital Jill was sweet enough to host a birthday bash for 4 of us who all had birthdays within a week of each other. She made us a cookie cake, had streamers and balloons everywhere, and even reserved spots for us in the bars we went to. So a good tip? Have a friend like Jill on your side.

4. DON’T: Forget your most basic supplies. Jill had everything… Except Toilet paper. Please remember to have enough toilet paper so that you don’t have to switch to paper towels as backup. Chafing on your birthday is not an option.

5. DO: Pay close attention to what you’re eating and drinking leading up to the epic event(s). I knew Friday and Saturday would amount to at least 6 shots each night followed by whatever cheap beer X-guy at the bar wanted to offer me while I was sporting my Birthday crown. So I prepared. Chugging at least a liter of water during the day, and choosing some delicious carb foods at night made sure that my stomach was ready for whatever my liver wasn’t.

6. DON’T: Seriously injure yourself (or at least have a good story for it). As I mentioned, my knee is in a brace. It’s currently the size of my thigh and contains all the colors of Joseph’s Technicolored Dreamcoat (which obvs I can recite). It’s the most beautiful dislocated patella I’ve ever seen… Unfortunately I don’t have a story. I was quite literally standing on the corner of a street (pre-bar scene) and my knee gave out. Darn Genetics… No, that didn’t stop me. Granted, I looked like a fool hobbling along with my arm around Carlos Danger for balance for the next 3 hours, but I still made it to Little Miss Whiskey’s like a champ. Alas, I haven’t figured out if that was necessarily my smartest decision, as now I can barely bend it. #birthdayshenanigans

These, dear readers, are a few helpful hints that I have gathered over the past week on how to survive my own Birthday Shenanigans. I’m sure there are plenty more where that came from. Hopefully by the time another SR birthday rolls around, we will have an entirely new list for you!

Until then,


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