I Don’t Support That: Volume III – The Ugg Boot

18 Nov

By Capitol Jill

Well, friends, it was a big weekend around here. Us SR ladies got together to fete our very own Belle En Route, along with Carlos Danger and two other birthday kiddos. Life got a bit crazy — shots were taken, burritos were consumed (SOL SOL SOL), and dignity was lost left and right. Injuries were reported, but we all survived. Somehow. Lost items include a pink thong and a shot glass necklace, so drop us a line if you find those somewhere…

Now this kind of weekend? I fully support. That is not the point of this article.

The point of this post is to discuss something that I Don’t Support. This is a controversial one amongst my acquaintance, but I firmly put this item in the undesirable column. What am I talking about?


Excuse me while I barf, if only because I drank so much this weekend that my stomach is confused.

I NEVER understood the appeal of these boots. I mean, I get that they are warm. I went to college in the Midwest. I KNOW cold. But there are many other boots that are JUST AS WARM that don’t make you look like a tourist with kankles.

Another problem with this as “winter footwear”? Absolutely NO traction. I saw so many ladies fall on their butts while trekking to class in these things. i respect the need to wear full protective clothing when it is 20 below, but this is just not OK. And have you seen how disgusting these boots get after a few trips through the snow? Get real boots.

The worst part about Uggs, though, is how UGLY they are. Like, who thought that was cute? And they do absolutely nothing to one’s overall appearance.  again, just my opinion here, but I really think that even the prettiest ,thinnest girl automatically looks chubbier in these boots.

see? thats like, 10 added ankle pounds. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I know you might love them, but I hate them. And my personal guru for life, Belle, also despises them. So if you don’t trust me, trust her!

My verdict: I Don’t Support That.


Thanks, Grace. You’re my fav.



Capitol Jill

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