The Proposal (aka Weddings part 1)

13 Nov

Two Disclaimers before you read this post:

1. This will not be my last post about weddings…

2. I am about to sound like a total wedding brat. Try not to judge too much!

jlb wedding

I. Love. Weddings.

I’m unhealthily obsessed with everything about them. It doesn’t matter if I know the couple or not, as soon as the Future Mrs. starts walking down the aisle, I get immediately teary-eyed and caught up in the entire ceremony (blame my emotional instability). Everything from the ring bearer/flower girl who only makes it halfway into the church before running in the opposite direction, to the open bar (duh), to the grandmother’s sparkly purple shoulder-padded dress jacket… It all makes for a perfect evening! I could write an entire book on my future wedding plans, but I’ll save that post for another time.

However, to me, it all starts with the proposal.

Given my recent breakup, I’ve been sliding between complete anxiety over future potential relationships, and ultimate relief that I’m not ready for that next step. But whenever I heard of yet another college friend who became engaged over the weekend, I slipped into proposal mode. Some of you may know what I mean. It’s when you spend 4 hours in one sitting going from youtube video to youtube video watching “The 10 best proposals ever” and pinteresting everything from your bridesmaid’s flowers to the type of font on your engagement announcements.

I’ve always had big expectations for my proposal. If my future hubby decides the most romantic way he can ask me to spend the rest our lives together is by sitting me down at a restaurant and bringing out a ring on top of a cheesecake, he’s got another thing coming. Obviously this isn’t the case for everyone. I believe the proposal should reflect the relationship. If you know the woman well enough to ask for her hand, you should also have a good idea on how she would want you to do it.

For me? I’m not opposed to any of the following (and you’re damn right it better be a surprise):



The use of animals in the proper (super cute, not weird) way

Military coming home proposals

Anything that involves creative friends and family

Even when it’s in Home Depot…

Or something that’s just plain different

When all else fails, just propose like 5 different times in all the aforementioned ways

No matter what, I find the most beautiful proposals come directly from the heart and reflect exactly what kind of relationship you share. What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic.

So whoever you are, Mr. Future En Route, as soon as you have that perfectly sized halo cut, conflict-free ring picked out, remember that’s only half the proposal battle in my eyes. But I’m sure that if you’re the right one for me, you already knew that.



PS. In all honesty, ladies… I know it’s not about the proposal – it’s about the man! And I’m sure I will dedicate a future blog post to the frivolity of weddings. But for today, let me relish in my fantasies.

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