I Don’t Support That – Fingernail Edition

6 Nov

By Belle


It’s been a while since we’ve had an I Don’t Support That article, the first (and only) of which being Capital Jill’s Butthole Edition. But after my experience last night, I realized that it was time for another round.

Last night I went to a Caps game on my first date since breaking up with my ex. All the SR ladies pointed out that it was an ideal location for a first date since it would be crowded and loud, so if the conversation was slow it wouldn’t be awkward. I was nervous, since I haven’t been in this kind of situation in literally years… Fortunately, I had a great time! We talked all night, meaning we barely paid any attention to the game (which was fine since neither of us were rooting for either team). He was easy going and sweet, bought all my drinks, and he definitely insinuated that there would be another date soon.

There was just One. Big. Problem.

His nails.

They were long.

I don’t mean scary-creepy long. But they were certainly longer than they should have been. And I caught myself staring at his hands more than once. It was so weird to see them like that, considering in every other aspect he was perfectly well groomed.

Now I’m fine with many au naturel body features (minus B.O. That is never okay). In fact, I find things like chest hair or facial stubble very attractive in a guy. But for the love of God, please keep your nails trimmed! It is So very simple. There is no bigger (initial) turnoff than a guy who has longer nails than me!

And you know that if he isn’t keeping his finger nails in line, his toes are most likely even worse. There is no way I want to be accidentally scratched in the middle of the night by a man with claws.

My point is, fellas… if you plan on taking a lady out on a date, particularly a first date, make sure that ALL of your grooming is in order. Right down to your fingers and toes.

Because believe me…

I’m going to notice.

As Capital Jill said… My verdict has been issued: I don’t support that.


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