Tights Time!

4 Nov

by Capitol Jill

With the onset of cooler temperatures, the most noticable change in the hallways of the Capitol is the sudden absence of bare legs, and the resurgence of tights (or pantyhose, as my mother would say). Its now time where my legs don’t see the sunshine for around 5 months, and since I am eternally single, and you know what that means


The best perk of winter, if you ask me!

Shaving aside, tights are great – you can wear almost anything with tights, and it is suddenly weather appropriate. Skirts that were a bit too short for the office are suddenly rendered wearable again with the right opaque legwear. Not to mention, no more spanx necessary, because the tights do it for you! Can I get an AMEN for control tops?

HOWEVER: There is one rule. Tights can NEVER be pants.


It had to be said. I don’t support it.

Even though it can be a pain (handwashing, what?) I still rely on several pairs of go-to tights that get me through the winter. For work, my dependable favorites are Hue Super Opaque Tights, in black and brown. These guys are warm, very opaque, and last forever. You can pick them up at a bunch of places, but my go-to is always Macys, as they have the largest selection and the most colors, and you can often find them two for twenty!!

Super Opaque Tights with Control Top


I found these babies through my go-to style guru, the amazing Belle of Capitol Hill Style. She has a few more recommendations that I am dying to try out!

By the way, if you never read her blog, GO FOLLOW HER.  She also has this great rule, the Two out of Three rule, which changed the way I chose my tight/skirt/shoe combo. Its that groundbreaking, folks.

Warning about the Hue:  The navy is a bit odd, so I am in the market for a new navy tight brand if anyone has any ideas!

I work in a very conservative office, so patterns or bright colors are out for me, but I think it could be very cute for someone in a more creative workplace to mix a few bright colors in!

For casual wear, I prefer sweater tights or knit tights, something a bit cozier. Target has a great, affordable selection. I have also heard great things about fleece-lined tights, so those are definately on my christmas list!

What are your favorite tight brands? Do you still shave your legs, even if you are wearing tights the next day? Let me know in the comments!


Capitol Jill

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