Cursed or #Blessed?

1 Nov

Happy November/Rabbit Rabbit!

I’m going to play off of Betty’s post yesterday about hating happy hour, and her post last week about the dark side of #PostGradProblems, and talk about a post grad blessing disguised as a curse (also fitting for the day after Halloween).

All summer, as many young Washingtonians do, I found myself constantly overbooked. There was this happy hour, that networking event, this boy, that group of potential friends, brunches, dinners, extracurriculars, work, vacations, family, visitors, etc., etc., ET EFFING CETERA. I was one busy girl. I had a pretty set schedule of which happy hours I was going to each night, which friends I was hanging out with when, and which networking events I knew were worth my time. I felt like I had to be everywhere all the time, and please everybody. But, I found myself, and my wallet, stretched pretty thin. I was honestly finding it was hard to return TEXT messages because I was so busy, and my GOODNESS, FORGET about phone calls. I realized it had been 8 weeks since I had seen one of my friends, because I just simply couldn’t find time to fit her into my schedule.

Texts from Hillary original by TIME photographer Diana Walker

(how does Hil do it?!)

Now you may be thinking “Oh please, world’s smallest violin, bitch, being too social is not a curse”, and that’s fine, I know that I’m blessed to have wonderful friends, a great job, and a supportive family, but I felt stressed all the time, I wasn’t even having fun doing my fun activities. I felt obligated to do all of the things and I couldn’t say no to anybody if there was a white spot in my calendar where I could “squeeze them in”.


me, circa August 31

When I returned from a 4 day trip to New Orleans after Labor Day, I knew something about my schedule HAD to change. I stayed pretty busy through September, mainly because it was booked by Mid-August, but when it came time to start scheduling for October, I cut way back. I gave the month of October to myself and y’all, I had a great time. I’m a social creature, so of course I went to happy hour one night a week (sometimes two, I won’t lie), I went out five ONE night of each weekend, I didn’t drunk brunch every weekend. I kept up with my laundry, I went to the gym most days!


I became a (semi)regular at spin class!

I made crock pot meals for my freezer, I packed my lunch, I excelled at work, and I saved money for a rainy day. Sure, I saw people less often, but it’s about quality not quantity, right? The time I spent with friends was so much more rewarding!

Maybe I’m a people pleaser, but why is there so. much. pressure. on us to be everywhere all the time? Especially in this city! Friends who live elsewhere face similar pressures, but I feel we’re our own breed here in the District, hustling all the time. We’re all way too accessible nowadays, which is something I’m trying to cut back on. In October, I slowly started changing my gchat status to “invisible”, AND I let my iPhone die about half an hour ago… it all feels like a breath of fresh air. My goal for October was for a little more me time, and my goal for November is going to be to disconnect just a little more.


You should give it a try.



ps: I’m sure next week I’ll be back to sharing my regular antics, Halloween parties this weekend are sure to bring some real spooky stories.

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