Hot 4 Dads

28 Oct

by Capitol Jill

*warning: extreme cuteness lies ahead*

So it goes without saying that I am obsessed with babies.




Hear that? Thats the sound of my ovaries exploding with joy.

And this has never been a real problem before, aside from keeping it a secret from the men I date (turns out its not good to talk about your love for babies too soon in a relationship, go figure!)

But it has recently become apparent that my love for babies has exploded beyond just baby blogs, pictures, and watching. I now look at the MEN carrying the babies too! Is it just me, or is there ANYTHING more attractive than a cute guy with a baby????  I have some examples below…


A well-placed baby can elevate even an average looking man into something extraordinary. (Also, John Krasinski, world’s most perfect man. My heart is melting)

I’ve tried to analyze exactly WHY I am so turned on by men with babies. I’d imagine it has something to do with the fact that you know they have  a nurturing side, and are probably interested in maintaining a long-term relationship. You can see the actual product of that relationship. He seems to know what it takes to be a good boyfriend! And these are not things you can assume when you meet a guy grinding in the dark at St. Ex.

This problem crops up everywhere. I’ll be casually wine shopping at the british corner store, when I see the cutest baby in the next aisle. Loving babies, I smile at the infant. But often, my gaze wanders upwards, to the man who is holding (or, even hotter, BABY WEARING) the child. And I keep smiling. Often, they smile back, and then I realize that I am hitting on a dad! With a baby!

Seriously, is there any better proof that a man is taken than having a baby strapped to his body? I feel like I am becoming a homewrecker! Every man I smile at has a wife (or baby-mama) at home, one who pushed this thing out and therefore does not deserve to have her man oggled while shopping for aged brie. I feel the shame, and yet, I still cannot stop.

And it being fall, it seems that babies and their hot dads are EVERYWHERE. All over the park, shopping at the market, riding the metro. Its a veritable buffet of sexy dads. Eastern Market is a particularly dense minefield of foxy fathers.

Don’t even get me started on dads with babies in COSTUME. I just can’t. I die. Halloween is going to be rough this year.

gratuitous photo of a baby DRESSED AS A LAMB!!

I might have a problem.

But I’m kind of OK with it.

Anyone else? Bueller?


Capitol Jill


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