The DC 15

23 Oct

The Freshman 15. Some of us were fortunate enough to escape it during our initial year of collegiate glory, while others wound up wearing sweatpants and t-shirts all year round for a reason. Others weren’t plagued by this problem until the upperclassmen years. Senior projects and mid-term exams that were a bit more difficult than Freshman Speech class and led to serious stress eating.


Then there are those of us who didn’t find the Freshman 15 until a few years after that… in Washington DC. That would be me. For the past several months, I’ve been trying to figure out why my clothes have mysteriously been getting smaller and smaller… I have 12 pairs of jeans in my closet, but rotate between the only 3 pairs that still comfortably button. Now that it’s fall, I can’t hide behind flowy sundresses and elastic waistline skirts for work and happy hours.

Although initially I couldn’t figure out what was happening, I began to notice some habits that I picked up since moving here… Retrospectively, I’ve also figured out a few ways to get myself back to normal. I’m a little late for bikini season, but maybe I can pull off a sexy looking sweater.



4. I’m writing this as my stomach is full of tostitos and cookie dough. There has been more than one occasion where I have called this a “standard well-rounded dinner”. It goes without saying that maybe I should swap some microwave chicken nuggets with 4 layers of ketchup for green beans or a salad.

3. Drunk eating. I really need to stop binge-eating after going out. If I have a bag of shredded cheese in my fridge and I come home late Friday night… I will find it… and I will devour every last bit of it. Maybe there’s some type of Pavlov’s dog experiment I can try to get myself out of this delicious habit…

you ate the whole wheel of cheese gif

2. Bottomless (food and drink) Brunch… need I say more?

1. Corporate America. I sit on my butt every single day for at least 5 or 6 hours staring at a computer. Before I had this “desk job”, I would be out with friends, babysitting crazy 2 year old twins, yard work, etc… But real world life isn’t giving me those opportunities anymore. So now I have to figure out if I’d rather have a steady paycheck or a nicer butt… #firstworldprobs


4. I’m a major proponent of Capital Bike Share. Not only do I save a ton of money from the metro, I also save time! I can actually bike places on weekends faster than waiting 18 minutes for the next orange line. Unfortunately, the cooler the weather gets, the less likely I am to ride my bike to work. But I also need to remind myself that DC isn’t Wisconsin. It may get chilly, but for now, riding a bike is totally doable.

3. I decided to join a gym. Paying $50 a month is motivation for me to get there 2 or 3 times a week for a class (personal favorites: Boxing and Body Pump). Unfortunately, I’m quite accident prone and managed to whack myself in the left eye while using an elastic resistance band… maybe I need a hot personal trainer?

2. Dieting is not my thing. I enjoy food way too much. Besides, we all claim we’re going to start dieting, but we usually say this with an extra large sub sticking halfway down our throats. So, yeah… let’s forget about #2.

1. Stop resorting to drinking only beer when out at a bar. Yes – it is the cheaper option. But we’re all yopros… and we should be able to afford a Gin and Ginger or an extra dirty martini every once in a while to offset the beer-calories.


So what do you think, readers? Any healthy advice for a girl like me?




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