Beauty and the Beat

2 Oct

By Belle

In case you haven’t noticed… this week has been rough! Between the government shutdown, the series finale of Breaking Bad, and Beiber’s ascent of the Great Wall of China on the backs of his Body Guards, it’s hard to believe the entire country hasn’t collapsed into utter chaos.

There’s just so much I’ve had to do to cope with all the insanity of the outside world!

Perfect the side bang on my new haircut, watch the entire first season of New Girl (because apparently I’ve been missing out), and spend roughly 2.81 hours in Verizon convincing any of the sales reps to get me the iPhone 5s now instead of the October 22nd backlogged date…

In light of all that has happened this week, I decided today’s blog is going to be short and fun. A youtube video that embodies my namesake, and could even make even John Boehner smile.

It has been around for quite sometime. And yet, I’m always shocked by how few people have ever watched it!

Ladies and Gentlemen… I present for your viewing pleasure…

Beauty and the Beat!

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