Brunch Review – The Chesapeake Room

30 Sep

by Capitol Jill

This weekend, a friend was visiting for a short time and we needed an early brunch place on Labor Day. Which was surprisingly difficult to find! Many places were closed or did not open till late. Thus, my friends and I stumbled into Ted’s Bulletin with hope and a prayer at 10:30, only to find a three hour wait. Solution? Oh look, there’s brunch next door!

So our group heads into the Chesapeake Room, a fancy-looking seafood restaurant that benefits from its great location and effective use of sandwich boards.

Now I love brunches, and I love trying new brunches. I’m a Stop Requested Lady, after all. Every place has its own unique feel, and I enjoy discovering that. But this place, I could not pin down. Here is the rundown:


Decor: fancy, upscale bar style. Wood paneling, leather booths, GIGANTIC FISH TANK (total highlight)


Music: night club-esque is the best way I can describe it. I was hungover, tired, and nursing a bloody mary — No part of that combination makes me want to listen to Ke$ha at 10:30 AM. This hurt.


Drinks : weak, overpriced bloody mary. Nothing special to report here, although they did seem to have a good selection of beers on tap. However, the day I order a beer at brunch is the day I turn in my pearls, so no thank you.


Food: Eh, not great. While I enjoyed my potato and ham hash with poached eggs, my friends were unimpressed by their fare. Not to mention the small portions.


Atmosphere: Two thumbs down. Not only were the servers rude, they did not even try to accommodate our size group (7 people, not a huge number!) and instead made us sit at two tables. This place was filled with older couples, not exactly our scene.


Overall Grade: C- (and I think I am being generous)


Verdict: Don’t go here for brunch unless you are desperate. Not when everywhere else on Barracks Row is more delicious (Banana cafe and Ambar, among many more!)

 until next time, happy brunches!


Capitol Jill

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