Barry, stop trying to make Syria happen

27 Sep

Like many twentysomething females in the District, I truly find current events just as enthralling as the ups and downs of Speidi’s relationship from 2008-2011.

(really, this is my favorite picture of all time)

BUT, for those of you that keep up with the Kardashians, but have no idea who OBL is; or alternatively, for those of you that know Damascus was not just a place where Jesus hung out, but can’t name a single one of Brangie’s children to save your life (although maybe you know where they were born!), or you’re somewhere in between…worlds collide in the following articles. Your knowledge of current events will SURELY impress your next OKC date (please don’t actually reference these articles on an OKC date…well, maybe do. I sure as shit would):

 #brohugs and kisses,

Anne Broleyn

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