The First of Many Lists

20 Sep

This week I’ve done a bit of drinking thinking about what my blog is supposed to be about. I’ve never done this before. I wouldn’t consider myself an accomplished writer by any means. And as you’ll soon discover, I am the worst decision maker of all time. So to overcome my serious writer’s block, I’ve sat down with my favorite Belgian White – Blue Moon – and come up with a list of subjects that I imagine will likely make appearances throughout these next few months.

1. Negative, but likely ironic, day to day experiences/feelings. That is to say I’m afraid that this might happen. People love to complain – and I’m no exception. Consider it one of my many character flaws. But it’s not just because I enjoy the feeling of being comforted at the end. Actually, it’s also because of you, dear readers. Why am I afraid that the majority of my blogs will be complaints about relationships, friends, family, work, society, crappy movies, and Miley Cyrus? Because that’s what many people enjoy reading about. Have you heard of the term schadenfreude? The first time I heard the word was in the musical number in Avenue Q (youtube it, bro). In their words, Schadenfreude is “happiness at the misfortune of others.” Sure, it’s nice to hear good news about friends or family – someone recovering from an illness, a friend being accepted into a great school, or your sister finding a fabulous pair of boots for under $25. But tell me it doesn’t irk you to log onto facebook and see yet another friend who is suddenly engaged to her boyfriend of 14 months whenever you’ve been riding the struggle bus with yours for over 3.5 years. Or find out your co-worker is going on yet another Caribbean cruise that Daddy dearest is paying for. Wouldn’t you rather read an article that you can relate to, and possibly even feel a little bit better about yourself in the process? Exactly. Schadenfreude. If you still don’t believe me that schadenfreude is real, remember the feeling you got when you found out Kim Kardashian was getting a divorce after 72 days…? Yup. Sometimes it just feels good to see the mighty fall.

2. Happy fun things! No seriously. Despite what I just said, I’m a relatively pleasant person. I live in one of the greatest places in the states to experience your twenties, I have a job, an apartment, some pretty sweet friends, and now an anonymous way to spill my problems onto the world with hopefully little backlash.

3. Alcohol. You’re welcome. Don’t tell me for two seconds you thought the ladies from Stop Requested were going to leave out some of our favorite things to do: Bottomless brunches, day drinking, beer festivals, wine tastings, Thursdays at Mighty Pint, work parties, and of course, all the things we don’t actually fully recall doing. I promise you will be entertained. So raise your glass. Seriously. I encourage you to sip on a tall glass of moscato while you read these blogs.

3. The random, stereotypical bloggy posts. Most likely things I find on Pinterest, Buzzfeed, youtube, and the like. I’m a junkie. And stop right there before you tell me you aren’t. Everyone is. So don’t be disappointed whenever you see that some weeks are devoted purely to Ryan Gosling memes and articles about the “18 best seconds of Nsync”. I can also include my impending blogs about television, scarves, Game of Thrones – the book, not the TV show, grocery shopping, my world-class Pandora stations, and my obsession with all things British, with obvious references to Maggie Smith and Benedict Cumberbatch.

4. Yo-Pro to Domesticated Ho. The three C’s I hate doing: Cooking, Cleaning, & Crafting. Problem is… I plan on having lots of babies someday. But the idea of a glue gun makes me want to cry, I have yet to figure out how to wash the dirt out of my beige cardigan, and the most decadent meal I’ve made since moving to DC is pizza rolls. Therefore, I’ve decided to take on the 200+ recipes/home ideas that I have dutifully pinned to my pinterest and never bothered attempting. It’s not going to be pretty, but in the end, maybe my mom will stop telling me how I will make a terrible wife.

5. Traveling. My all-time favorite thing to do. And I mean it in every sense of the word. I. Love. Traveling. I love the buildings, the festivals, the food, and I love the people I meet. Boy do I love those Europeans… I’m desperately attempting to learn another language. So seriously, name a country, a city, a farm, I don’t care… Let’s go! So dear readers, I promise you, I will travel. Granted, it may just be to the deepest depths of the metro-line (since I have no car), but maybe I’ll hop on the megabus to somewhere exciting… like Delaware!

So that’s that. I guess it was kind of a cop-out for me to write my first blog about what I will potentially be blogging about in the future. And maybe this post is just unbefitting rambles because it’s 2am and I should probs be sleeping… But like I said, this is all brand new to me. So bear with me these first few weeks. In time, I should improve. And if not… please reference number 1 on my list. It’ll be fun to watch me crash and burn.

Until next time,

Belle En Route


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